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Version 0.4.0 added in Government Benefits & Services to add a more realistic dynamic between households as well to assist those who need additional financial assistance in order to survive. 

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Government Benefits


Wel-Fund 4 Families adds in financial assistance for single-parent Households who need a little extra in order to feed and house their family. This is also helpful for families that just experience a Divorce and the non-custodial cannot pay Child Support and a stop was issued. This feature was influenced by the US Welfare system. More additions to this feature and possible expansion from this coming soon. 

To qualify, your household must have:

  1. A residential lot valued less than §40,000 or rent less than §800

  2. Cannot own a business

  3. Unemployed, part-time employment, or full-time employment making less than §1,050/week

  4. Unmarried

  5. Does not receive Child Support

If the household you are playing qualifies, you will see the Wel-Fund 4 Families option become available. To apply, just click this option in the Government Benefits Portal and the mod will check to see if the Household qualifies. You can reapply as often as you like when the option is available. Once approved, your Household will receive §350 for each child. This benefit is also available for a Teen living by themselves or a Teen living by themselves who is a sort of caregiver to their siblings.

Government Services


Child Support is an automatic benefit for eligible households. If the non-custodial parent has enough to support, your household will receive its support every bill day until the non-custodial doesn't have enough. EA doesn't simulate income levels on non-actives so you will need to play the non-custodial household every so often to keep their income levels up or payments will stop!

If the Household you are playing is on the receiving end, you now have the option to have a percentage of Child Support to go to each child and then to the Household account with anything leftover. The default is all going to the Household account. This payment system is outside of the Bill paying side, so you will still need to pay for your Sim's Household Services still. 

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Your Sim has a narrow window of opportunity to request Alimony. They will need to go into the Government Benefits Portal and "Apply" as soon as they divorce their spouse. Once done, at their next billing cycle they will receive a direct deposit based on how they set up this agreement in the Portal. These payments stop when a Sim marries another or 4 billing cycles have passed.

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