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When a Household first moves into a new home, you will have to set up any Home Services (Electricity, Water, Trash, Cable, Cellphone and Internet) that you want your Sim to have. This will be the same issue of Households that were previously using SNB - Bills. Our Custom Services (sometimes all Services) will reset to accommodate this change (we will even have a small pop up to warn you again once you get the game/save loaded).

You can set up your Sim's services in EA's Show Bill Information option in the Cellphone Household menu or the mailbox. From there, click "Home Services" to click a pre-made Welcome Home package or customize what services you want your Sim to have. 

Added with 0.2 version, you can now select your Services to Add or Pay with Multi-Selection if you decide to not go with one of our preset Welcome Home Packages.

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With this service, your Sim will be able to do online interactions. If you sign up for electricity, you will still be able to complete some computer-based options but anything that relates to online activity will be turned off until you sign up for Internet services. You will also have the option to have Premium speed at an ADDITIONAL cost. This Premium version will give your Sim's lot the Fast Internet trait automatically. You will not be able to add this Lot trait without subscribing to this service and you will not be able to remove it without removing the service. You will need to subscribe to both to get the internet and the benefits of the Fast Internet Lot trait. With version 0.4.0, Commercial Lots will now have this lot trait available for Free (for now..)!


If you don't set up this service, your Sim will only be able to watch Movies under the assumption that they own those movies. However, if you do want your Sim to have this service there are two options - Basic or Basic + Premium. With Basic your Sim just gets a limited amount of channels, especially if you are just playing on the Base game where all your Sim will be able to watch is the News or Kids Network. With Premium, you get to access to a lot more channels as you might expect. You will need to subscribe to both to get all channels.


Another service that requires you to set up before you have the option of using it. Don't worry about your Private Practice, SNB, and SNB-Bill options. Those are still available so that you can still set up your Bills, handle your SNB accounts and go for a checkup like normal. We just shut down everything else from working until you sign up to use the phone.

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