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Mod Overview

A new mod project that will introduce the realities of death to the game in a way the Sims has never touched on because it is not a positive experience. However, without this experience, this Sims itself lacks the true depth of a life simulated. 


(Version - 10/05/2021)

COMPATIBLE WITH Patch 09/21/21 PC: / Mac:

-Base Game Required! 





  1. A Realistic Death Event without the need of a Grim Reaper. The Medical Examiner takes over instead.

  2. Condolence Visit from Family & Close Friends of the Executor Sim.

  3. Burial or Cremation now costs!

  4. A Funeral Service Event is available for your Sim(s)'s Deceased Loved One to properly lay your Sim to rest. During this event, your Sim will receive either an Urn or Tombstone depending on what they initialy choose.


  1. 24/7 Report a Death Phone Option.

  2. New Arrangement Options for Deceased Sims.

  3. New Bereavement Option

  4. New In-Person Funeral Service Experience.

  5. Better Handling of Multiple Deaths.

  6. New Burial Objects

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  • Any mod that changes death in some way may be a conflict. However, Sacrificial's Extreme Violence should be fine. The only thing is that there isn't a death animation for those in place, so the deceased Sim will just drop dead, get up for a moment, and then go into a body bag. You will need to click the body bag to do the Emergency Call so the M.E. can come and take the body. Any mass murders within a household won't run as smoothly since you will have to call for each body. And the first Executor selected will be the Executor for all the deceased. 



Victor: SR Mod Developer 

Nichole: SR Mod Producer

scripthoge at ModTheSims: Python Function Injection

roBurky: Sim ID Save System 

scumbumbo: Object tuning

-Icons made by Freepik from Flaticon

Thanks to the SR Linguists Team!

Strings included:

Chinese - Simplified





Portuguese (PT)



Tools Used:

- Zerbu: Mod Constructor (V4)

Sims 4 Studio

- Blender

- Icons made by Freepik from Flaticon