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Once this mod is in-game, your Sim will no longer go straight into an Urn/Tombstone after the Grim Reaper does their thing. In fact, the Grim Reaper will no longer be present in the physical plane, meaning no bargaining to bring a Sim back from the dead. Just the cold, hard truth that the Deceased is no longer with them.

With that, the Deceased's body will remain until another Sim calls Emergency Services by way of their cellphone in the Household menu with the "Report a Death" option. If you have SNB-Bills in-game as well and the remaining Sims in the household do not have cell service, a Sim nearby in the neighborhood will be pushed to the Deceased's location to call for the family. 

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Once arrangements are made, it is up to the Executor to set up a Memorial Service by way of a Social Event. This includes receiving the deceased back from the Funeral Home for burial or placed somewhere on the Lot as an Urn once the Funeral is complete, eating food, or fellowship with others who came to pay their respects to the family and honor the Deceased. The entire process allows a Deceased's loved ones to come to terms with the loss of someone they cared for and will miss dearly, resulting in a Peaceful Closure. Failure to complete this goal event will result in Unending Grief. Don't forget to release the Deceased Sim's spirit to the Netherworld, or they will be trapped as a ghost!

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After a day or two (possibly the same day!), the M.E. will call the Executor to let them know that the final examination is complete, and they can call the Funeral Home to make arrangements for either a Burial or Cremation. If you plan on doing a Burial, please be sure to have space on your property to put the tombstone for proper grieving!

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By saying "Yes," you will then select the Executor, who will handle all "Funeral" arrangements. This Executor will drive everything until the very end. From getting a Condolence Visit from their friends (must have at least two friends for this to occur) to getting the call from the M.E. about final examinations being completed, and finally setting up the Memorial Service so that everyone can appropriately grieve or mourn the Deceased Sim. 

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Once the Medical Examiner arrives, he will start taking notes and taking pictures of where the body was found. When finished, the M.E. will put the Deceased in a body bag and send them off to the Morgue for final examinations, at that time the M.E. will ask who should be the Executor to contact once done. Please be sure to click "Yes," if you want to continue with the Mortem process. If not, the body will be taken by the M.E., and your Sim will never get a chance to bury them or say goodbye.

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