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Mod Overview

With the addition of this mod into your game, your Sim will experience a realistic aspect of maintaining growing hair. The goal here is to create a hair progression experience that requires the Sim to clean, cut, color, nourish and style their hair making them more desirable or appealing to other Sims. This also should influence their emotions/moods in a variety of ways. 


(Version - 03/26/2022)

COMPATIBLE WITH Patch 04/26/2022 PC: / Mac:

-Base Game Required! 



  • If your Sim has long hair (you can check with the cheat "oh.hairlength"), their hairstyle will become shorter so to provide a more dynamic hair progression. Short and Medium hairstyles will remain if your Sim gets a haircut before the Overgrown period is over. 

  • BAD HAIRCUTS CAN HAPPEN! Your Sim could come back with clown hair that will make them feel overly embarrassed about when they get home. I mean, who wouldn't! It should go back after their hair has grown out, and they get a haircut. 

  • Your Sim may switch to a shorter looking style in Overgrown status because the mod randomly chooses the hairstyle. It can't "see" that it is shorter than the previous style. As long as the hair length tag is the same, the mod is doing what it should. If it is a custom progression, the mod will shorten based on what was set for that progression.

  • When your Sim goes to get a haircut, it looks like they are still home. We know of this issue and will try to take another stab at resolving that soon. When we tried to resolve it with this update, it caused some glitches to the Sim's look...and we don't want that ;-) However, going to get your Sim's hair dyed, will appropriately show them not at home. 



Victor: SR Mod Developer 

Nichole: SR Mod Producer

scripthoge at ModTheSims: Python Function Injection

roBurky: Sim ID Save System 

scumbumbo: Object tuning

-Icons made by Freepik from Flaticon

Thanks to the SR Linguists Team!

Strings included:

Chinese - Simplified

Chinese - Traditional







Portuguese - Brazilian




Tools Used:

- Sims4Studio

- Zerbu's Mod Constructor v4 




  1. (Random) Hair Growth Progression

    • Works with CC Hair that is fully tagged with color, length, and texture. 

  2. Hair Color Treatments Salon Option

    • Temporary Dye: last 2 days before needing a Touch-Up at a mirror and a quick rinse. ​

    • Permanent Dye: last until your Sim's hair grows out to the next length or they get a haircut.

  3. Haircut Salon Option​

  4. (Custom) Hair Growth Progression​ 

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  1. At-Home Styling

  2. Additional Mod Settings

  3. Improved Bad Haircuts

  4. Improved Shedding

  5. Updated Hair Progression UI

  6. And more!