- Fixed compatibility with The Sims 4 Patch PC: / Mac: (November 30th, 2021).


- Fixed a bug where overgrown hair would make child Sims stretch;

- Fixed a bug where quitting to the Main Menu without saving would still leave in cached mod data;

- Updated Spanish string.


- Added French string


- Added French string


- Simplified Chinese and Dutch added


- Added the new Hair Colors to the Hair Dyeing process;

- Added the new Hair Colors to the Hair Progression system.


-Re-added the updated strings without the Welcome Patron List Message
-Updated Spanish String.


-Added the missing hair colors to the Dye Hair interaction;

Dye Hair interaction now shows a preview of the hair colors on the Sim;

Fixed a bug where an exception was being thrown upon updating hair if the Sim were away from the lot;

Fixed a bug where sometimes custom hair progressions would not equip;

Fixed a bug where sometimes the hair wouldn't change upon getting a haircut.


-Updated the Welcome Message.


-Fixed a bug that would break every appearance modification in the game.

-Fixed compatibility with The Sims 4 patch PC: / Mac: (November 10th, 2020).


-Fixed a bug where the Sim would come back with a different style than the previous one when getting a haircut from overgrown.

-Fixed a bug where the Sim would come back with no changes when getting a haircut to the same length.
-Fixed a bug where the Sim would load in with a clown hair after saving and exiting the game with a hair dye applied.


- Resolved the chance of the duplication of Sims during growth or haircuts with random hair progressions.


- Corrected rare chances of Sim distortions during Salon treatments


- Added Custom Hair Progressions system.

- Added "Stylize Hair" option in the mirror.

- Added a loading screen when loading the hair progression.

- Added 3 new hair progressions (more progressions coming soon).

- Added the ability to choose the hair color when dying hair.

- Added Hair Quirks system.

- Sims can now choose the length of the hair upon getting a haircut.

- NPC Sims are not affected by hair growth by default.

- Added customizable hair growth speed options to all Sims under cheats, activate testingcheats, and Shift + Click on the Sim.

- Fixed a whole lot of bugs regarding hair progressions.

- Added a preview screen for all hair progressions.

- Fixed a bug where the hair quirks would go away after leaving the lot.

- Various other small changes and corrections.

- Fixed a bug where the Custom Hair Progression Creator buffs UI wouldn't show up if there were any broken buffs from other mods in the game.

- Fixed a bug where the mod could be searching in the wrong place for additional custom hair progressions.

- Fixed a game-breaking bug where hair progressions would cause body distortions and genetic anomalies on affected Sims.

- Fixed a bug that would cause the active Sim's portrait to blink every few seconds.

- Adjusted Nina’s Salon & Spa opening hours to Mo-Sa 09:00-21:00.

- Fixed a bug where MCCC would show countless false error messages upon leaving CAS.

- Fixed a game-breaking bug where the game wouldn't save after equipping a hair progression. (Save Error Code 0)

- Fixed a few typos on English strings.

- Added custom Short, Normal, Long, and Overgrown custom strings regarding hair to be translated by linguists.

- Added Czech, French, German, Italian, Korean, Polish, Portuguese (PT), and Russian


- Checked compatibility with The Sims 4 patch PC: / Mac: (June 4th, 2020)

- Fixed a bug where an empty exception would be thrown upon loading the game.

- Fixed a bug where custom Whims related to hair progression wouldn't be shown.


- Updated Russian string


-Added the Danish, French, Polish, Portuguese, and Spanish strings


-Fixed a bug where your Sim's hair wouldn't change after getting a haircut.

-Greatly reduced the rate at which hair piles are generated when the Sim has the "Too Much Hair" buff.

-Sims can now complete the Touch-Up Hair Dye interaction in all mirrors.

-Upon going to Nina's Salon, Sims are now correctly shown as away from the lot.

-Moved welcome message to the notification wall to better fit custom display setups.

-Fixed a typo on the welcome message.

-Added Founding Patrons list to the Welcome Message.

-Changed welcome message layout.

-Fixed a bug where the welcome message would appear every time you load the game.

-Children's hair are now capable of growth.

-All self-interactions are now grouped in a "Organic Hair" menu category. 

-Added a welcome message. 

-Added Slow, Normal and Fast Hair Growth hidden traits. On load, all Sims are assigned one of those at random.