-Added the Danish, French, Polish, Portuguese, and Spanish strings


-Fixed a bug where your Sim's hair wouldn't change after getting a haircut.

-Greatly reduced the rate at which hair piles are generated when the Sim has the "Too Much Hair" buff.

-Sims can now complete the Touch-Up Hair Dye interaction in all mirrors.

-Upon going to Nina's Salon, Sims are now correctly shown as away from the lot.

-Moved welcome message to the notification wall to better fit custom display setups.

-Fixed a typo on the welcome message.

-Added Founding Patrons list to the Welcome Message.

-Changed welcome message layout.

-Fixed a bug where the welcome message would appear every time you load the game.

-Children's hair are now capable of growth.

-All self-interactions are now grouped in a "Organic Hair" menu category. 

-Added a welcome message. 

-Added Slow, Normal and Fast Hair Growth hidden traits. On load, all Sims are assigned one of those at random.

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