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- Improved Health Warning Notifications;

- Sims can now only receive one Health Warning Notification every 2 days. • Removed contextual whims that became incompatible with the new patch;

- Removed Flirty from the list of High Blood Pressure criteria;

- Removed Toddlers and Children's susceptibility to High/Low Blood Pressure; • Fixed a bug that caused a loading failure with the new patch; • Fixed compatibility with The Sims 4 patch PC: 1.90.358.1030 / Mac: 1.90.358.1230


- Fixed a bug where random objects would get health checkup buffs.


- Fixed an error that would sometimes be thrown upon loading regarding a Fitness Skill in Use test;


- Fixed an error that would sometimes be thrown upon loading regarding a Fitness Skill in Use test;

- Fixed an error that would sometimes be thrown during an appointment while trying to show the Nurse's dialog.


- Added Brazilian Portuguese, Dutch, and Spanish


- Script correction


- Added an option to Send Alone Sims to Clinic Appointments, so they can act as rabbit holes;

- Added an option to Cancel Scheduled Appointment last minute for when your Sim is doing something you don't want to interrupt;

- Added brand new Medicine Cabinets and Pillboxes;

  • Medicine Cabinets can store unlimited medication, while Pillboxes can store a limited amount of medication depending on its size;
  • Pillboxes can be labeled and carried around. They provide an easy way to categorize and organize medication on your Sim's inventory;
  • Base game Medicine Cabinets can now also store the medicine.

- Added the ability to Purchase Private Practice Medication through the computer, or through our new Medicine Cabinets and Pillboxes;

- Added Lifespan Adjustment warning notifications for Overweight, Underweight, High Blood Pressure, and Low Blood Pressure symptoms;

- Added Auto Dose;

  • Sims will now autonomously take Blood Pressure and Allergy medicine when needed.

- Added Basic Health Insurance;

  • If at least one Sim with a full-time career lives within a Household, all family members and the Sim will be able to go for a Checkup for FREE, and a Sick Visit will be reduced by 80%.

- Added Free Healthcare cheat;

  • By using testingcheats true and Shift + Clicking your Sim, you can now enable Free Healthcare for the household under the Private Practice category.

- Added Super Immunity cheat that protects a given Sim from all Private Practice custom illnesses;

  • By using testingcheats true and Shift + Clicking your Sim, you can now enable Super Immunity for the Sim under the Private Practice category.

- Added in-game support information for when the Clinic's Lot Type is set to Residential rather than Generic; - Added in-game support information for when Check In or Check Out interactions are unavailable due to the state of the appointment event;

- Improved Medical Staff NPCs;

  • Medical Staff NPCs will no longer be overly distracted by computers; > Medical Staff NPCs will no longer be chatting with each other all the time; > Medical Staff NPCs will now be more responsive when Patients need them.

- Improved Treadmill Test and X-Ray Scan interactions;

  •  Patients will now directly approach an available Nurse Practitioner to start these interactions;
  • The interaction now starts immediately with no wait time.

- Improved Wait for Results interaction;

  •  The interaction now has a minimal wait time; > Physician's Assistants will now deliver the results instead of the Nurse Practitioners.

- Improved existing Clinic objects;

  • All custom Clinic objects have been reworked from scratch resulting in a more appealing look and a much more optimized model.

- Improved Stay Home from School;

  • Stay Home From School now only checks for age, allowing for supporting custom schools like those in Education Overhaul.

- Improved overall sickness immunity;

  • Vampires now have 100% immunity to illnesses;
  • Cases of Strep Throat now have a chance of triggering a short (4 Days, 75%) or long (2 Weeks, 90%) period of immunity based on age;
  • Sims who have had a tonsillectomy through HCR will now have complete immunity to strep infections;
  • Further support for custom allergy medications to prevent PP allergy symptoms from triggering if they have those buffs.

- Improved Appointment Scheduling;

  • When a minor/child Sim is a patient and needs a Caregiver/Parent to go with, the Caregiver/Parent once chosen as a patient now satisfies that requirement.

- Fixed some other minor bugs and issues.

- Languages included:

  • Traditional Chinese
  • Italian
  • Polish
  • Russian


- Fixed compatibility with The Sims 4 Patch PC: / Mac: (November 30th, 2021).


- Italian & Spanish String Update


​- Adjusted existing strings from being overridden with English strings (there may still be parts in English but it shouldn't be the whole mod. Linguist are working to remedy this based on the string adjustment)
-Added Dutch string. 

- Fixed a bug where some Medical Staff NPCs were not showing up;

- Removed Visitor NPCs temporarily.

- Fixed missing allergy development for Hay allergy;

- Gave Hives moodlet a custom version of the original EP02 icon it used;

- Timed Buff versions of some Always Active Buffs for certain contexts;

- Animal Sheds and Feed now affect Hay allergy symptoms;

- More compatibility improvements: sims should now not have to worry about two colds at once if both Healthcare Redux and Private Practice are installed.


​- ALLERGIES SYSTEM: Added in Allergies based on the Sim's environment.

- COLD AND FLU SYSTEM: Added in contagious viral infections based on the season.

- INFECTIONS SYSTEM: Introduces possible Ear, Sinus, Respiratory, and Strep Infection into the Sim's Health System.

- ADDITIONAL VIRUSES: Added Norovirus (stomach flu) and Mononucleosis into the Health System.

- NEW AND UPDATED MEDICATION: Added in medication to assist with Allergies and Infection symptoms as well as update the Blood Pressure medications for ease of use in the Sim's inventory.

- SIMMER-DIRECTED APPOINTMENTS: Less autonomy push through objects and more Simmer control over your Sim's appointment process or experience.


​- Traditional Chinese string added


​- SICK VISIT APPOINTMENT: Before this update, you were unable to go to the doctor to get a diagnosis for your Sim's Sickness. Now, if the illness is something that is pushed by this mod, your Sim can get a diagnosis of what ails them as well as get medication to cure it. 

​- MULTIPLE SICK VISIT SUPPORT: As with our update with Health Checkups, you can also send multiple Sims to the Clinic to see if they are sick. 

​- AUTONOMOUS EVENT GOALS: Your Sim will now autonomously go about their event goals except for the Check-In, Pee in a Cup, and Check-Out goals. If the Sim should ever deviate from their directions, you can still self-direct them through each goal .

​- UPDATED HEALTH RESULTS: You can now see your Sim's Diagnosis after an appointment in their MyHealthPortal App.

​- HIDDEN SICKNESS BUFFS: You will no longer see the diagnosis buffs on the Sim, just the symptoms. 

​- DEBUG INTERACTIONS: Added in several debug interactions. You can access them by Shift Click -> Private Practice...

- Annual Thank You 2020: Simple investment into a Private Practice lot is now available with the Patron Thank You Gift for 2020.


​-Removed the Private Practice phone menu from the Travel category

-Added MyHealthPortal, the all-in-one app for Private Practice in the Household phone category

-Added the base UI for New Patient Evaluation schedules

-Added the Private Practice lot trait and the ability to build Medical Clinics

-Added the Check-In Kiosk, Check-Out Kiosk, Wellness Kiosk, Pharmacy Kiosk, Sample Cart, and Medical Clinic Sign objects

-Added Health Checkup event

-Sims can now schedule a Health Checkup appointment using the MyHealthPortal app on their cellphone

-Added Registered Nurse NPC

-Added Patient NPC

-Added Check-in Kiosk interactions

-Added Check-out Kiosk interactions

-Added Wellness Kiosk interactions

-Added Pharmacy Kiosk interactions

-Added High Blood Pressure medications

-Added Low Blood Pressure medications

-Added Urine Sample Cup object

-Added Urinalysis interaction.

-Added Wellness Kiosk swatches

-Sims are now more likely to autonomously put the Urine Cup in the Sample Cart during the Urinalysis process

-Added screen textures for the Wellness Kiosk, Check-in Kiosk, Check-out Kiosk, and Pharmacy Kiosk.

-Sims now need to go to the Exam Bed in order to receive their Health Checkup results

-Fixed Wellness Kiosk placement issues

-Fixed a bug where the Private Practice lot trait was able to be placed on a Residential Lot.

-Added Nurse Practitioner NPC

-Nurse Practitioners now come to deliver Health Checkup Results

-Fixed a bug where Health Checkup Results wouldn't be delivered in some cases.

-Added Physician's Assistant NPC

-Added Doctor of Medicine NPC

-Registered Nurses will now prefer to stay on the Chemical Analyzer doing their Urinalysis instead of a computer

-Added Wait for Results interaction on the Exam Bed object

-Fixed a bug where Patients would get stuck in the Exam Bed during the Health Checkup Results interaction

-Fixed a bug where Patients would get multiple Health Checkup result notifications on the same diagnosis

-Fixed a bug where Patients would be waiting forever for their Health Checkup results

-Fixed a bug where Sims would carry their Urine Cup everywhere as an invisible object.

-Health Checkups now cost §500. That value is multiplied by the number of patients in the appointment

-Fixed a bug where Sims would keep getting up from the Exam Bed while waiting for Health Checkup results.

-Added Check-In/Out custom animation by @thepancake1

-Added Check Blood Pressure and Weight custom animation by @thepancake1

-Added a waiting icon on the Wait for Results interaction

-Fixed a bug where sometimes the Wait for Results interaction would be queued with a missing llama icon

-Fixed a bug where sometimes the Patient would not receive their results after the Health Checkup event

-Added an immediate Get Health Checkup Results cheat interaction (Shift + Click) for testing and support requests, in case someone doesn't properly receive their results for some ungodly reason

-Fixed a bug where the Patient would change into weird clothing upon sitting on the Exam Bed if you had WhickedWhims (or WonderfulWhims) installed.

-Added Check Blood Pressure and Weight animation for children by @thepancake1


​-Health Checkups and Health Sciences Exams now compatible with game version 1.66

-The 'Attend Health Sciences Exam' interaction has moved from the 'home' category to the 'work' category on the phone menu.


​- Resident career updated for game version 1.63 - Resident career phone option to take a vacation day now shows up in the 'Work' category instead of the 'Home' category.


-Added Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, and Korean strings

-Updated Czech strings


-Added Danish, French, Polish, and Portuguese strings


-Added the welcome message


-Fixed a bug where the job offer call to General Practitioner wouldn't come for Sims who have gotten a raise after reaching the Chief Resident level.

-Updated translated strings to produce accurate Health Results.


-Fixed a bug where the "Browse Simpedia" daily task for Health Science Students would complete automatically for levels 1 and 2.

-Fixed a bug where the "Browse Simpedia" daily task for Health Science Students would not complete at all for levels 3 and 4.

-Fixed a bug where Medical Residents could still use the "Read Medical Journals" interactions on locked computers.

-Fixed a bug where the job offer call from Chief Resident to General Practitioner would never come.

-Fixed a bug where the Health Report would come back with Healthy results, even if your Sim should not be.


-Added compatibility to Patch 1.58.63

-Fame perks and biology degrees now give their benefits to the health sciences career


-Added Czech & Polish strings


-Added Portuguese and Danish


-Updated Finnish, Russian and Swedish strings


-Some sims will now be more susceptible or resistant to problems with their blood pressure. Susceptible sims will need to take better care of their health to keep their blood pressure healthy, while resistant sims are less likely to encounter blood pressure problems. You won't know which of your sims are susceptible or resistant, so take them to a health checkup to keep an eye on their health.

-Low blood pressure will now happen less for sims that are not susceptible to low blood pressure.

-New reward traits can be bought from the satisfaction store:

  • Susceptible to High Blood Pressure | cost: free

  • Susceptible to Low Blood Pressure | cost: free

  • Resistant to High Blood Pressure | cost: 1,000 satisfaction points

  • Resistant to Low Blood Pressure | cost: 1,000 satisfaction points

  • Immune to High Blood Pressure | cost: 2,000 satisfaction points

  • Immune to Low Blood Pressure | cost: 2,000 satisfaction points

-Buying one of these reward traits will replace any other reward traits affecting the same health issue that the sim had previously bought

-These reward traits are separate from the hidden susceptible/resistant traits, and the effects from these two types of traits will combine together.

-Exercising for 30 minutes a day is now needed for a sim to maintain the best chance of healthy blood pressure. Not exercising will give a sim increased risk of high blood pressure.

-When a sim is told they have high blood pressure in a health report, the tooltip will include advice to exercise for 30 minutes each day.

-If a sim completes the Medical Resident career but refuses the General Practitioner job offer phone call, or fails to receive the phone call, they can now randomly receive further job offer phone calls in the future.

-Notification when joining the Health Sciences Student career now displays properly


-Compatible with Python 3.7

-Resident career temporarily removed.

-The .package file is now separated into two files, 'SimRealist - PrivatePractice.package' and 'SimRealist - PrivatePractice-Data.package file. If the mod is uninstalled, keeping the '-Data' file in the mods folder will let the game remember sims' accumulated health data for when the mod is installed again.


-Career text now compatible with game patch 1.51.75

-Add Russian & Portuguese strings


-Fixed errors when playing without Get To Work expansion installed

-Updated Danish strings


-Illnesses from Get To Work expansion now have new, visible moodlets with strong effects on your sim's mood, for as long as the illness lasts. These moodlets have new icons and descriptions made by Nies.   

-Illness symptoms last longer.   

-Sims can call in sick to work when they have the new illness moodlets   

-Illnesses will no longer be removed when traveling.  

-NPC sims can now recover from illnesses when off-screen. 

-Script compatible with game version 1.50.67


-Added Polish translation


-Better performance for preventing Bonus Lifetime from being gained or lost on sims that are not currently aging.

-Resident career restored and fixed for game patch 1.47

-Careers now provided in a separate package that can be uninstalled if desired


-Vampires are now affected by hydration in the same way as non-vampires. They will now want to drink water or a bar drink occasionally, and doing so will satisfy their desire to drink. Vampires will now be able to be affected by low blood pressure due to dehydration, and they will be able to address it by drinking water or a bar drink.

 -The above change also fixes a bug in the unmodded game where vampires could get locked at low hydration and constantly want to make bar drink after bar drink, unable to ever quench their thirst, in an ironic mockery of the vampire condition.

-Low vampire energy in vampires is now a factor for increased risk of high blood pressure.

-Reading online medical journals for the daily task in the medical resident career branch now takes 1 hour to complete, down from 2 hours.

 -Will no longer cause errors on load for players without Get To Work installed.


-Spanish and Dutch Translation


-A new career for a more realistic representation of doctors and veterinarians in training! Sims start as an unpaid Health Sciences Student and can progress to be a Medical Resident or Veterinary Resident, preparing them to be a qualified doctor or owner of a vet clinic.

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