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Q2 2020 Updates are now Available!

Updated: Jul 9, 2020

Q2 Updates that met the required testing and translation period are now accessible our itch site.


This mod received an update this Quarter to include a customization tool that anyone can use. This tool allows you to specify what hairstyles you want to see within each stage of the Sim's hair growth progression. You would have previously seen three different hairstyles with each length, but now you should only see two for each length, Normal and Overgrown. Overgrown comes into effect when the hair gets to the Too Much Hair stage, so you have time to get your Sim to the Salon without a significant impact on the Sim's style. This also reduces the number of styles you would have to pick for a custom progression. An optional feature within this tool is adding Quirks or buffs to the progression, which can boost or reduce a Sim's emotions based on what you pick. So if you want your Sim to feel a little Confident, add a buff that creates that to that particular length. It will go a long way in getting them where they need to be.

To allow share-ability to the community, we also allow each saved custom hair progression to output a .ohp file that you can share with others. I ask that you be sure you state what Sims 4 packs or cc hair (link and credit Creator), so that the receiver can have your complete hair progression. Also, we've added in the ability to control which hair color your Sim will have when they go for a color/dye treatment at Nina's Salon. Haircuts got a similar update to keep the same length, even when the hair is long. Last but not least, we've adjusted the Salon hours from 09:00 to 21:00 to keep things Vampire friendly. Hope you enjoy this! Please be sure to provide your feedback on our Discord #organic channel. You never know when your request might be implemented.

Learn more about this mod and download here:

Financial Center

This is a brand new addition to the SNB family. We initially created a bank back in 2018 that we had to remove so that we could re-code some things. However, the cry for an actual bank venue hasn't stopped since then. We went around our SNB roadmap to get a bank in your game asap (because I was dreaming of the bank request almost daily). We did things differently from the first approach by creating a Lot Trait rather than a Venue type. This avoids trying to make this mod compatible with other mods dealing with venues. It also provides a high level of flexibility for Simmers, who want a small bank on other lot types, like retail or multi-use venues. We plan on taking this approach for all our venues so that options are unlimited for everyone.

The goal here is to enhance the base SNBank mod by adding an in-person experience for your Sims. We've also included a glimpse of the credit addition by side-loading LittleMsSam's ATM Card & Credit mod and Scarlet's SimCity Loans. Allowing those 3rd party options authenticates the full banking experience. When we first had a bank, all we had was a teller. Now we have a Bank Teller, Account Manager, and a Loan Officer to fulfill your Sim's every financial need! Finally, we produced not one but four FC branches, so you don't have to build a bank at first! 3 of them come from our amazing Architect, Kate Emerald! More to come this year on this mod, but we hope you enjoy this first version.

Learn more about this mod and download here:

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