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Shhhh... Listen! Do You Hear The Sound Of Halloween?

If you live in the U.S., you could immediately see decorations and candy before October even happens now. However, since we are reasonably close to the day itself, I thought it would be OK to bring it up finally;-) This Holiday (customs and time) varies from whichever culture you come from, but the root of the observance is pretty similar, remembering those who have passed on. Though the way we perceive it in the U.S. as a way to dress up as something or someone you are not, go trick or treat and/or party until you can't anymore, there is still a semblance of remembering those that passed on.

But this observance isn't something that happens in every culture, or if it is, it could be vastly different. That is probably why The Sims 4 doesn't come equipped with this Holiday already in-game. YOU, the user will have to create such a Holiday with the options given. It could match up pretty close to real life, or it could only include the parts you like, but it is possible. Below is an example of how I add this Holiday to the game (if I so choose):

After creating the Holiday, I decorated my Sim's house (since it is part of this tradition) in anticipation of the awesome party she is going to have. If you would like the kitchen set I used, you will need to check out Peacemaker's Shaker Kitchen set. I've started cutting down on what Custom Content I download into my game and only use specific artists now so that it is easier to keep track of what needs to be updated. And this artist is one of my favorites! Everything else, I believe, is EA content (specifically from the Spooky Stuff pack) except for a few items.



How do you celebrate this Holiday in real life? And how do you bring this to life in-game? I would love to see pictures of what you've created on our Discord (general-chat channel) server (if we get a good amount, we may feature them on our site!) Or you could join me on Simblreen this coming weekend! If you haven't heard about this Sims event, please get more info here!

Much Love,


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