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SimRealist and EA's TOU

I've gotten a couple of messages here and there about EA's latest TOU, and I would like to make a brief statement on the status of SimRealist.

I started this modding community because of my frustration with the Sims' offerings in the game. I worked at a financial institution, and the financial system never satisfied me. As a result, Sims National Bank was born. However, it wasn't an overnight creation. It was me pulling money out of my pocket to get someone with coding experience to build it. I've stumbled along the way to where this community is, and I'm super proud of what we all built. Yes, that's right, each of you is one of me. Frustrated with what the game had to offer, so did the exact thing I did and continue to do.

Currently, our mods go in a state of development, testing, further development/updates, and then translation before ever reaching the Public. All those bugs you report on Discord are reviewed and addressed accordingly before thousands and thousands of users experience those bugs. This is how we will continue to run SimRealist until I hear otherwise from EA, as there are a lot of mixed messages out there. One clear thing I did take away, all mods must be FREE, and they are here: Anything that is on Patreon, like I said, is in an unfinished state. Our mods are not simple; they are complex and touch a lot. Keeping to our current process allows better quality mods to release every Quarter.

If it is deemed otherwise with an official statement from EA, we will change our processes and go from there. We will not just drop everything and leave you hanging until we can no longer support the process. If it weren't for you, our supporters, we would not be where we are today, and truly appreciate it. I look forward to what we build together in the future.

Much Love,


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