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SimRealist & Patch 11/12/19 - PC MAC (UPDATED)

Updated: Nov 13, 2019

SNB: Broken

SNB - Bills: Compatible (Public and Patreon)

Private Practice: Incompatible

Organic: Compatible

After a further review of the parts that were needing updates on Bills and Organic, we found that no updates are required for these mods. Organic's error was due to our test Sim not growing hair after being in an Overgrown status because he had reward traits that blocked the Tense and Embarrassed moodlets (we will address this at a later date). This incorrect reporting is on us. You can continue as usual with those two mods in-game. If you have issues, please report them in Discord channel: #patreon-mod-support ( Private Practice and SNB will need further review and will take some time.

Thanks so much in advance for your patience,


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