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SNBank's Resurrection

On and on it goes, the requests for SNB. At first, such an addition would not be possible while updating Private Practice monthly. However, since we moved that to a quarterly update, it is possible to include SNB into a similar rotation. Yes, you read that right. SNB will go into Planning and Development next month!!!

It is also possible that the very first version could be released at the end of next month or the beginning of August. This all depends on Private Practice 0.6, which could be pushed back to July due to some things that have come up. But don't worry patrons! If nothing is sent out by this coming weekend, I will let you know and that you will not be charged due to no content as promised (if you would like me to charge for June to help with the production of SNB next month let me know in the comments or on Patreon. If a majority would like to be charged, I will leave everything the way it is.).

Just a forewarning to everyone: The new SNB will not be as heavily featured like it was in the past. As previously mentioned, what was produced this past January was months of work to both learn and deliver what was released. This will be mostly the basics, but I can honestly say I really miss having a basic account to separate out funds.

Excited??? If not, I can be excited for all of us. ;-)

Much Love,


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