Mod Overview

What this mod intends to do ultimately, is create an extensive financial/banking system similar to what us humans have in real life. With our final feature added, we hope to add/boost your storylines in-game or even play out any financial situations that are limited only to your imagination. 



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SNB (Version - 12/28/2019)

COMPATIBLE WITH Patch 01/16/2020 – PC: / Mac:

-Base Game Required! -


  1. A Main Account for each Sim in your Household that has access to a cell phone.

  2. Direct Deposit for Traditional Careers. This does not include Royalties, Self-Employment income, etc. 

  3. Basic Death Handling 

  4. SimoleonGram 

  5. Fabulously Wealthy and other Monetary Aspiration Support 


  1. TBD



roBurky: SR Mod Developer 

Nichole: SR Mod Producer

Eleonor Wang: UI Circle Icons 



yarp.sims & Xeria: Czech 

Schram92 & MiniWeeben: Danish PENDING

Daenyse & Lizzy Star: Dutch PENDING

Sipuli: Finnish PENDING

Athena Apollos &MiKO: French PENDING

Scarlet: German 

sabina895: Italian PENDING

MiniWeeben & astrantia: Norwegian PENDING

Lilith-Simholic: Polish PENDING

fmsednanref & // (Alex): Portuguese PENDING

esqdumper: Russian

YR & CyberDesigner01: Spanish PENDING

Kyla & mollymollan: Swedish PENDING


Tools Used:

- Sims4Studio

- Zerbu's Mod Constructor v2 

- Scumbumbo's XML Extractor 


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