Mod Overview

What this mod intends to do ultimately, is create an extensive financial/banking system similar to what us humans have in real life. With our final feature added, we hope to add/boost your storylines in-game or even play out any financial situations that are limited only to your imagination. 



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SNB (Version - 02/01/2020)

SNB-Bills (Version - 03/28/2020)

COMPATIBLE WITH Patch 02/4/2020 - PC: / MAC:

-Base Game Required! -




  1. A Main Account for each Sim in your Household that has access to a cell phone.

  2. Direct Deposit for Traditional Careers. This does not include Royalties, Self-Employment income, etc. 

  3. Basic Death Handling 

  4. SimoleonGram 

  5. Fabulously Wealthy and other Monetary Aspiration Support 

SNB-BILLS 0.3.0​

  1. MCCC money settings compatibility (this includes child support) 

  2. Autopay within Bills (but you can still use MCCC's version instead) 

  3. Custom Property Tax settings with correct tax amounts of just the Lot value only instead of Lot Value + Household inventory + Sim inventory 

  4. The ability to pay with your SNB account. 

  5. Thermostat costs will reflect in the new MISC bills category along with MCCC adjustments, Child Support, Tiny Living discounts, Frugal Trait reward discounts, and any other mod that adjust billing in some way) 

  6. Rent is Back! Was removed so that renters weren't being taxed for property they don't really "own." Now they have a proper rent bill separate from their usual utilities/home services. 

  7. Free/Reduced Utility Lot traits were added in by request of @Kenta

  8. Other small changes to enhance or better the experience.


SNB - Financial Center 0.1



  • Bills & MCCC Child Support Recipients: If your Household should receive Child Support payments and they have a Fortune Aspiration, it may show completed after opening the Bills App a couple of times. This has something to do with how MCCC handles its Child Support + Bill notifications. Future resolution of this is to simply make our own option.


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