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SR Mod Fund

In order for this program or Community to work, we need funding. We pay for the service our Developers, CC Artist & Support Specialist do, to not only ensure quality and efficiency but to also benefit those out in the field who work diligently to make our mods safe to use in-game. This is just one aspect in which we thank Modders for all the work they've done. Please help us support our Mod group by subscribing to one of the below monthly SimRealist Reward Tiers and Donating through PayPal.


PayPal donation

If you would like to give a one-time donation or do not want to do so through Patreon, please click the button below.

Also, please note that we will also support other Modders not in this group from time to time. Director Members will vote on this periodically, but we are open to suggestions through our Discord General Chat.

SimRealist Reward Tier​​​​

Each Subscriber/Member Tier has a reward attached to it to show our gratitude and to also get everyone involved in the success of this program.

Here are the Tiers in which you can subscribe to:


Backers 2019.PNG
  • Access to what's happening with SimRealist before it is made known to the rest of the Community. This includes a full description of features that have been added and currently in testing. 

  • Access to the full Quarterly Updates (all the features that have been tested and approved for release to the Community) a month before it is released on the website. Feature Updates will happen on March 1st, June 1st, September 1st, and December 1st. 


Beta 2019.PNG


  • All that the Backer Tier has access to 


  • Access to Features in Development once they hit Beta Phase (usually three weeks after Alpha Phase, when no errors have been reported)


Visionaries 2019.PNG


  • All that the previous two tiers have access to


  • The ability to have a say on what happens next.

  • Monthly reports on how well SimRealist is doing.

  • Access to Features right when they go into testing. No waiting period once a Feature has been added!


Directors 2019.PNG

  • Everything available to the Visionary tier

  • This Tier is more to make sure those who want to support with more can do so and still get the benefits Patreon provides. 

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