- Compatibility with game version 1.58.63

- The feature to allow money in SNB accounts to be counted towards objectives for total wealth is temporarily disabled



-Added Czech and Polish strings


- Saving the game after a career payout with career direct deposit enabled in game version 1.51.75 will no longer cause an error.
- Add in Russian and Portuguese strings.


- A notification is displayed when a sim in the active household dies, informing about the money that has been withdrawn from the dying sim's bank account. 
- Text involving money amounts now uses the simoleon symbol § in place of the dollar symbol $ 
- A new option to 'Send money' from the account menu. Choose the amount, and the sim to send to, and then transfer the money from your main account to their main account. If the receiving sim does not have an account, one will be opened for them. A notification confirms the money was sent successfully 
- Aspirations and achievements for cash in reserve and net worth will now recognize money in SNB accounts in addition to household funds. 
- Withdrawing money from SNB accounts will no longer count as money earned for aspirations. 
- Career earnings deposited directly into SNB accounts using career direct deposit will now count as money earned for aspirations. 

- Add in Chinese, Danish, Dutch, French, German, Italian and Spanish strings


-Added Spanish translation


-Added translations for Public download version


- Python 3.7 scripts compatibility

- There should be no more errors generated from attempted career pay that does not involve a sim.


-A complete rework of the original SNB mod

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