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-Updated the Welcome Message


-Career Direct Deposit feature now works with Freelancer careers, Royalty-based career, and Lifestyle Brands


- Updated Korean String


- Added the Traditional Chinese Version

- Added the Italian String

- Updated the Polish String

- Updated Portuguese (PT) string


-Added Simplified Chinese and Korean strings.

-Updated Czech string


-Added Danish, French, Polish, Portuguese, and Spanish strings.


- Added Founding Patrons list to the Welcome Message.

- Added Welcome Message.


- Compatibility with game version 1.58.63

- The feature to allow money in SNB accounts to be counted towards objectives for total wealth is temporarily disabled

- Added Founding Patrons list to the Welcome Message.

- Added Welcome Message.


-Added Czech and Polish strings


- Saving the game after a career payout with career direct deposit enabled in game version 1.51.75 will no longer cause an error.

- Add in Russian and Portuguese strings.


- A notification is displayed when a sim in the active household dies, informing about the money that has been withdrawn from the dying sim's bank account. 
- Text involving money amounts now uses the simoleon symbol § in place of the dollar symbol $ 
- A new option to 'Send money' from the account menu. Choose the amount, and the sim to send to, and then transfer the money from your main account to their main account. If the receiving sim does not have an account, one will be opened for them. A notification confirms the money was sent successfully 
- Aspirations and achievements for cash in reserve and net worth will now recognize money in SNB accounts in addition to household funds. 
- Withdrawing money from SNB accounts will no longer count as money earned for aspirations. 
- Career earnings deposited directly into SNB accounts using career direct deposit will now count as money earned for aspirations. 

- Add in Chinese, Danish, Dutch, French, German, Italian and Spanish strings


-Added Spanish translation


-Added translations for Public download version


- Python 3.7 scripts compatibility

- There should be no more errors generated from attempted career pay that does not involve a sim.


-A complete rework of the original SNB mod

SNBank logo without background.png


-Italian string added

-Spanish string updated


-Updated the Welcome Message


-Home Services App UI completely revamped to introduce the new Home Services Packages. * You can now choose between Basic, Full, or Premium Home Services Packages with just one click.

-Add and Remove Home Services menus now combined into one.

-Added new customizable Utility Bills cost setting under Tax Settings on the SNB Bills App.  

-Added a Fast Internet lot trait duplicate for Community Lots.

-Added Governmental Benefits Portal to the SNB Bills App 

-Added Child Support

  • Sims can now receive Child Support from noncustodial parents 

  • Child Support is completely integrated with SNB and SNB Bills;

  • Child Support is implemented on a Sim-basis, which means different children and different parents will receive/pay different amounts that can be customized or influenced individually

  • Noncustodial parents with unstable financial situations can opt-out of paying Child Support

  • Customize Child Support payments using a Direct Deposit feature, which is integrated with SNB

  • Child Support offers a detailed breakdown of how payment amounts are being calculated at any given time;

  • All Child Support costs and percentages can be customized on the SNB Bills App Settings menu;

-Added Alimony

  • Sims can apply for Alimony after a divorce if they meet all the required criteria

  • Alimony is completely integrated with SNB and SNB Bills

  • Alimony is implemented on a Sim-basis, which means different Alimony contracts will have different amounts that can be customized or influenced individually

  • Alimony contracts expire after 4 weeks

  • Alimony is cut off when the receiving Sim gets remarried

  • Sims with unstable financial situations can opt-out of paying Alimony 

  • Customize Alimony payments using a Direct Deposit feature, which is integrated with SNB

  • Alimony offers a detailed breakdown of how payment amounts are being calculated at any given time

  • All Alimony costs and percentages can be customized on the SNB Bills App Settings menu

  • Added the snbb.alimonymapping command that shows every Alimony contract currently in the game

-Added Wel-Fund 4 Families

  • Wel-Fund 4 Families is a benefit for Custodial Sims who do not receive Child Support and need assistance;

  • Any family household that meets the required criteria can apply for Wel-Fund 4 Families 

  • Once approved, the household will receive a weekly benefit of §350 for each eligible child 

  • This benefit will automatically stop for a child when they age up to a Young Adult

  • If the benefited child who is now an adult goes to university, they will automatically receive a Wel-Fund Education Grant of 500 simoleons

  • Teens living without their parents can now apply for Wel-Fund 4 Families.

  • Teens that are considered the head of the household can now apply for Wel-Fund for them and their siblings

-All SNB Bills Cost Settings are now global within the savegame; 

-Removed notification and dialog wrapper functions so that SNB Bills won't be wrongly blamed for missing strings and LEs on other mods.

-Various bug fixes and adjustments.

-Added Traditional Chinese, Czech, German, Italian, Korean, Portuguese, and Russian.


- Corrected French String

- Corrected Norwegian String


- Update Korean string

- Added Norwegian string


- Fixed a bug where the mod would throw an exception while trying to spawn the Repoman.

- Fixed a bug where Property Tax data was not being properly saved.

- Updated to fully translated Strings for Traditional Chinese, Czech, French, German, Korean, Polish, and Russian


-Fixed a bug where uninstalling Bills would throw an exception upon playing the game without it for the first time.

- Corrected translated strings with missing keys

- Added Portuguese (PT) string update


-Checked compatibility with The Sims 4 patch PC: / Mac: (June 10th, 2020)
- Overhaul of the entire SNB Bills system to fit the new bills system introduced with The Sims 4 patch PC: / Mac: (June 3rd, 2020)
- Fixed a bug where Property Taxes would still be charged from University Student Housings or Dorms.
- Fixed a bug where getting bills delivered while on vacation would cause a save error upon returning home.
- Changed Power and Water utility costs to reflect the game's new bills system costs.
- With Eco Lifestyle, the lack of Garbage Collection Home Service now forces the new Reduce Recycle lot trait. This lot trait is now locked to this system.
- Incorporated Repoman.
- Added a new Manage Utilities option to the SNB Bills App.
- SNB Bills App now shows up instead of the game's default Bills & Utilities screen.


- Added Chinese - Simplified, Italian, Korean, and Polish Strings


- Corrected untranslated Finnish string for use.


-Added Miscellaneous Bills. A special bill that takes into account the current additional bill costs and reductions for the household. Such as Thermostat Costs, Tiny Living Reductions, Frugal trait, etc.

- Added rent on apartments. Property taxes are now rent on apartments. Sims have to pay their rent every week. 

- Added lot traits for reduced Trash, Power, and Water bills. The lot traits are: "Reduce, Reuse, Recycle", "Renewable Energy" and "Sustainable Water", respectively.

- Added strings for all upcoming features of

- Added the option to pay bills using SNB. 

- Added SNB Bills Settings.

- Added Property Taxes percentage setting.

- Added Autopay setting.

- Fixed notifications still referring to "Property Taxes" instead of "Rent" in rented apartments.

- Added support to MCCC's Money Settings and Child Support through the Miscellaneous Bill. 

- All other mods that change bills cost in any way should also be supported now through the Miscellaneous Bill.

- Added Estimated Costs and Total Costs of Utility Bills in the Main Menu of the SNB Bills App. 

- Added a proper download button for the original SNB mod in the SNB Bills App, in case you don't have it.

- Added a notification for when a bill is paid through Autopay.

- Fixed a bug where the SNB Bills App would stop working if bills cost became negative.

- Fixed a bug where the "Remove Home Services" button would be available even if there were no Home Services to remove.

- Fixed MCCC's Child Support not being accounted for in the Misc Bills.

- Fixed slightly off Property Taxes costs.

- Fixed Off-The-Grid houses producing unpayable due bills.

- Various other small fixes.

- Added multiple selection support for the Pay Utility Bills and Add Home Services menus. 

- Added the snbb.originalbillscost command that checks the original, unaltered bills cost for the current household.

- The SNB Bills App interaction now shows the app menu sooner, instead of it showing only at the very end of the interaction.

- Fixed very slightly off Property Taxes costs.

- Fixed Tiny Living reductions.

- Tiny Living reductions now also affect the Power bill.

- Fixed a bug where MCCC would throw the "Child Support paid" notification at random times. - Fixed a bug where MCCC would throw the "Child Support paid" notification multiple times while at the SNB Bills App.

-Fixed a bug where the fire situation wouldn't clear out if the household got the insurance money during a fire.

- Added the snbb.insurancefraud command to test out the new fix.

- Fixed a bug with the new MCCC version that going through the SNB Bills App would cause multiple child support payments.


- Added Spanish string.

- Updated Portuguese, Polish, Czech, and French strings to include the new uninstall wording.


-(IMPORTANT) Fixed a bug that completely broke your savegame if you removed SNB Bills.

- Added the snbb.uninstall command. If you want to remove the mod, run this command first. - Fixed the known conflict with LMS Random Mods. You can use LMS Lower Thermostat Cost along with SNB Bills now.

- Fixed conflicts with any mods that override the Bills tuning.

- Fixed a problem where your services would need to be turned on every time you leave the house.


-The mod is now compatible with the game version;

- Fixed a bug caused by the patch where the mod wouldn't start-up properly;

- Fixed a bug caused by the patch where the mod's save system wouldn't work properly;

- Fixed a bug caused by the patch where adding/removing the Premium Internet service would close the SNB Bills App.

- Fixed a bug caused by the patch where the Premium Internet service wouldn't update the Fast Internet lot trait.

- Fixed several other small problems caused by the patch.


-Added Home Services system. When you move into a new house, all your services start as turned off. You will then need to turn on the ones you want by a small fee. You only pay bills for the services you have turned on. You can turn off any service at any time as long as there isn't a bill due for that service. 

- Added Cable TV service.

- Added Premium Cable TV service.

- Added Internet service.

- Teen Sims can now also use the SNB Bills App.

- Property Taxes are no longer required on rented apartments.

- All bills interactions are now implemented through scripting instead of tuning. This means no more conflicts with other mods. Yay!

- Added Premium Internet service. This gives your home lot the "High Speed Internet" lot trait. You are not allowed to have this lot trait if you don't have the Premium Internet service. * Added Cellphone service. This affects all interactions where your Sim has to call or text someone on their phone.

- Added new interactions related to Internet, Premium Internet, and Cellphone services. * Added compatibility with households played on older versions of SNB Bills.

- Added a welcome message.

- Added a confirmation message when trying to sign off a Home Service.

- Added a sound effect when a utility is shut down due to overdue bills.

- Added a new bills delivery notification that better suits SNB Bills.

- Fixed a bug where bills-related notifications were not showing up.

- Fixed a bug where paying one bill when all utilities are shutdown would restore all utilities instead of just the one.

- Fixed a bug where paying bills on the mailbox wouldn't restore shutdown utilities.

- Fixed a bug where trash could remain pilling up even after paying the trash bill.

- Fixed a bug where blank interactions might appear if you were playing only with the base game.

- Fixed a bug where receiving bills while out of the home lot would not account for shutdown utilities.

- The landlord is now responsible for paying your property taxes if you live in a rented apartment.

- Various UI tweaks on the SNB Bills App.

- Various small bug fixes.

- Added a small button to directly open the SNB Bills App on all notifications that mention it. * Fast Internet lot trait now no longer appears on the Build/Buy list and cannot be removed unless the Premium Internet service is shutdown. @Iron Seagull

- Incoming calls now don't show up unless you have the Cellphone service on.

- Fixed a bug where the "rented apartment" message would appear in the wrong spot on the SNB Bills App.

- Fixed a bug where the "bills delivered" notification would appear even if you don't have any Home Services setup.

- Fixed a bug where the utility interest wouldn't reset after paying all bills.

- Fixed a bug that allowed you to set up the Premium Internet service even if you didn't have any Lot Trait slot available for the Fast Internet trait.

- Power, water, and trash are now automatically set up on startup if you already had the previous version of the mod.

- Fixed a bug where starting a build session without an active household would cause an exception to be thrown.

- Fixed a bug where visiting another lot could cause your Home Services to reset upon returning.

- Added Founding Patrons list to the Welcome Message.

- Changed welcome message layout.

- Fixed a rare bug where the mod data wouldn't save after leaving the game.

- Moved welcome message to the notification wall to better fit custom display setups.

- You are no longer required to setup Home Services on University Housings.

- Discover University's cellphone and computer interactions are now compatible with their respective custom utilities.

- Cellphone service won't deactivate on moving to a different house anymore.

- Shutdown notifications now only trigger once a utility has been shut down, instead of triggering every week after that.

- Fixed a bug regarding MCCC's autopay bills feature.


- Added Czech string


- Added Polish & Danish strings


- Added Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Russian and Spanish strings


SNB Bills.png


- German & Traditional Chinese added


- New Loan Product: Changed the Application Process for Credit Accounts for the new SNB Unsecured Loan.

- Realistic Terms: added a realistic bill calculation system.

- Debt-to-Income Calculation: for SNB Loans only, Sims will not be able to borrow if they do not meet SNBank Policy.

- Flexible SNB Loan Bill Payment System: Pay more or less whenever you want! Just be sure you satisfy any outstanding bills when it comes due!

- Simple Credit Credibility Standing System: Derogatory Marks are now a thing when your Sim's loan defaults. This will block all future credit until resolved and then even if resolved a waiting period will go into effect before new credit can be taken.

- Annual Thank You 2020: Simple investment into an FC lot is now available with the Patron Thank You Gift for 2020.


- Fixed connection with the latest version of LMS's ATM mod.


- Added Czech, French, German, Italian, Korean, Polish, Portuguese (PT), and Russian