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Updated: Jan 26, 2022

Per our previous post to everyone, there have been reports of Bills reset with the latest version. Where the issue seemed to be sporadic between users, we believe we narrowed down the issue with this latest update. Please utilize version going forward. If you require assistance, you need to be on this version.

We also updated R|E to address a few errors we've seen and added in a few of the missing languages.

This is a reminder that all links below and any downloads on itch are FREE! There is a donation option for those that would like to donate toward our mod development but don't want to commit with Patreon. In order to bypass this option, there is a hyperlink right above the field you would enter the amount you wanted to donate called "No thanks, just take me to the download." Once selected, you should see the download screen. Simple as that.

Hope everyone has a great weekend! Patreon Private Practice update coming this weekend, so I know Patrons will be happy. 😉

Much Love,







  • Fixed a bug where in some instances trying to call the Realtor would throw an error;

  • Fixed a bug where after removing the mod and reinstalling it, all Realtor data would be missing;

  • Fixed a bug where Realtor households would appear in the "My Households" tray.

  • Added Czech, French and Polish strings




  • Fixed a bug where the snbb.uninstall command was not working as expected;

  • Fixed a bug where in some instances Bills data would carry over from one save to another;

  • Fixed a bug where in some instances Bills data would reset while switching between saves.



If you are experiencing an issue with an SR mod, please head over to our Discord server channels: #simrealist-mod-support or #patreon-mod-support ( DO NOT PUT SUPPORT QUESTIONS IN THE BELOW COMMENT SECTION! The Comment Section is more for feedback.

To connect a Patreon Account to Discord for support on Patreon versions, please follow these instructions:

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