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A Builder Worth Following

Updated: Jun 30, 2020

I follow a good many Builders both under the SimRealist name and personally. I've always had an appreciation for those that build art by way of stone and mortar. To think beyond the boundaries of a square box and add dimension and texture to the place we call home, work, school, or haven. Only those in my small personal circle know about my story. A story of loss of one's home due to circumstances beyond my control and building it back into the Sims as a way to deal with that. In fact, I use the Sims as a way to work through my feelings and experiences in some way, which in turn has touched each of the mods produced under the SimRealist name. But this post isn't about me. It is about someone who has given so much to the Sim Community with each build, video, and tutorial she creates. I'm super excited to introduce Kate Emerald as our Architect!

What this means is that she will be our dedicated venue builder for mods that include them. This includes our upcoming Financial Center release this coming weekend and future additions to our current mod offerings. You can already experience her work with us in our release of the Banks she did in the Gallery (under the SimRealist name - with custom content checked). Each of these FC Branches is made to match the Newcrest, Willow Creek, Oasis Springs environments, respectively. All lots require only Base Game build/buy objects to allow those who don't have certain packs to get the full Kate Emerald experience.

I'm super excited to see what she has in store for everyone in the coming months and I hope you are too! To follow and support this awesome Simmer, please follow her on the below platforms. You will not be disappointed.

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