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Are We There Yet?

While you wait for Private Practice 0.6 to release, here is some news in regards to when SNB 2.0 will start development. Due to a timing issue, we are going to start production/development around August 13th with a possible Alpha-phase delivery to the Visionary reward tier around August 31st. Be on a lookout for confirmed features around that time :-)

We anticipate including the following (unconfirmed) features:

-Checking Accounts

-Instant Transfers between accounts

-Direct Deposit (Sim's payroll or paycheck automatically crediting a set account)

-SimoleonGram (sending money to others' outside the active household. This is being chosen even though it is not the most popular option due to time estimates)

I know everyone is super excited for this mod to come back (for me as well since this was my baby LOL) but please be patient with us. We will post information as soon as we can guarantee it.

If you want to know what else is going on in the background of SimRealist, the not-so guaranteed stuff, check out our Visionary tier. You get access to monthly Board Reports that tell you what we are working on and any potential plans that haven't been announced.

Much Love,


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