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Good Evening Or Morning to @everyone We had another update for Mortem. Please be sure you are on this version before asking for support. Before you click to download, be sure you delete your localthumbcache.package in your Sims 4 folder and DELETE your older Mortem version. I also suggest you finish out anything you were in the middle of (i.e. weddings, special events, etc) so that your switch goes smoothly. Again, I would like to also note or warn the use of Mortem while moving to another house. If you move out one Sim to a new household, that new household will not retain Mortem data. The prior household will keep this data. If the Sim moving out was registered as the Executor, this new update will ask you to assign a new Executor when you load the prior household back up. CHANGELOG (04/29/20)

  • Fixed a bug where some death type animations would be skipped, which made the Sim drop directly into a body bag.

  • Fixed a bug where in some instances the Medical Examiner would completely disappear from the world and would never return.

  • Fixed a bug where in some instances the Medical Examiner would start crying and forget to do his job.  

  • Fixed a bug where in some instances the caller NPC would stand still on top of the deceased Sim and would not call the Medical Examiner. PUBLIC DOWNLOAD: PATREON DOWNLOAD:

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