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For Simmers, By Simmers

You may have noticed on Discord, if you visited our server, we have a new role out there called SR QA Specialist. Those in this role have been selected to make unbiased reviews of the work we are doing here. It allows our group to see areas that need improvement that we might not necessarily think are important at the time but are important to the community and we might see areas that people actually really like and we need to expand upon them.

With each update or new mod, one of those videos will be featured on the mod's page for potential downloaders to review to see if it is something they want in-game or check out all the features mentioned in-game. There will still be the other videos not featured out there to check out from the Amazing Eight. However, I must note that any videos featured or found on YouTube that were not created by SimRealist are not sponsored by SimRealist. We did it this way so that those reviewers have the freedom to point out things that are wrong, need fixing/improvement, etc without reappraisal. This in turn keeps SR in check, so that we are always producing stuff for the community and not just for our benefit. Thus the name SR QA (Quality Assurance) Specialist. So please make welcome the QA Team! I know they will do an awesome job and I look forward to growing this team further as we grow! If you want to keep up with any of the Simmers on this team, please also subscribe to their channel, if you haven't already, to show your support.

Much Love,


FYI: All SR QA Specialists receive new and updated mods the same time as our Patreon Backers do (a week before Public Release). This gives them enough time to prepare something to post before or after our Public Releases, which in turn gives everyone a sneak peek of what they are about to get in couple of days if they are not a Patron.

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