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To our Sims 4 Community, we give THANKS!

Not all celebrate Thanksgiving, but I like to take the time to show my love, and thanks on this Holiday to everyone. I've given thanks to our Patrons recently, but now it is a time to give Thanks to not just them but to everyone who makes developing mods for the Sims 4 great! It gives me the greatest happiness to see each of you enjoying our mods, both Patron and Community Member. The crazy amount of time it takes to get mods researched, developed, produced, tested, translated, and released is absolutely worth it when I see the excitement in the comments we receive. For that, I'm super duper THANKFUL for the opportunity you've given us to do what we do and the support you've shown.

May you all have a blessed day and a great start to Happy Holidays.

Much Love, Nichole

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