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How to Prepare for November 13th's Patch - SimRealist Mods

You may or may not know that the upcoming Patch is happening this week will make all script mods incompatible with the game until corrected to the updated coding. That includes both Private Practice and SNB - beta. With that being said, if you do update before our mods are ready and having them in your Mod folder causes problems please do the following if you uninstall the below mods:

Keep the SimRealist - PrivatePractice_0.6.5.1.package in your Mod folder. This should keep all Sim Data accumulated with this mod saved for use when you have our update.

Keep the SimRealist - SimNationalBank-Data.package in your Mod folder. This should also keep monetary value within your Sims' accounts for use when you have our update.

Check back here, Discord, Patreon or Twitter to keep up to date with our upcoming Mod updates.

If you need mod support on the day of and after Patch Day, while we are working to get our mods compatible, the Support team on Deaderpool's MCCC server has graciously offered to help Simmers get their game running properly as best they can. Once we have our mods updated, we will unlock the SimRealist support channels to assist those with the current version. You can access this server with this link:

Please feel free to leave a comment here or on our Discord server if you have questions regarding this update.


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