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It was High and then it was Low

As requested by Liz Upton on Patreon, here are some tips or what to watch before and/or after your Sim goes to their Health Check Up when High/Low Blood Pressure is a concern.

A Sim's Blood Pressure is affected by, at the most, five key areas: Age, Weight, Needs (Energy/Thirst), Mood and/or Traits. They must have three or more of the listed areas within each range in order to see a Health Report with High/Low Blood Pressure.

High Blood Pressure

  • Age

If you Sim is an Adult or Elder, they have a higher chance of getting High Blood Pressure because that's a real thing people. If you don't trust me, take it up with the National Institute of Aging (yes, that's an actual U.S. Agency)

  • Weight

If your Sim is labeled Overweight, they have a higher chance of getting High Blood Pressure. Again, very much like real life. (reference the American Heart Association)

  • Energy

I threw this in because in the real world Sleep Apnea can increase the risk of High Blood Pressure. Such a disorder is not in-game yet, so this is my spin on it for now.

  • Mood

If your Sim goes to their Health CheckUp angry, tense, energized, flirty, uncomfortable, hysterical, mortified, very angry or enraged, they will have an increased risk of having High Blood Pressure. All of these emotions could or can cause some sort of High Blood Pressure. By themselves or just one/two of them shouldn't cause a negative report but in combination with other key areas, can cause tremendous damage or lead to a shorten lifespan. So watch those Wicked events that your Sims tend to have with abandon if left unchecked. Being a little too flirty can have its' consequences. ;-)

  • Traits

If your Sim has the Hot-headed, Insane, High Metabolism or Squeamish trait plus two other key areas or traits, your Sim is just out of luck. Because they will continually get a High Blood Pressure report unless monitored. In fact, you should make it a priority to watch your Sim's Weight, Energy and or Mood to avoid such situations. Especially as they get older. This in turn is a real life situation, my friends. Like say you have this problem that makes it easy for you to get sick after consuming certain foods or being exposed to something that could be life threatening. You're constantly aware of what can cause this to happen and you try to avoid it if possible by keeping medication handy or making sure certain ingredients out of the foods you eat.

Low Blood Pressure

  • Age

Again with the age you say? Yep, as we get older our bodies need better upkeep. So take those vitamins people! Ok, I digress. Just in the name of all that is Holy, monitor your poor Sims as they age. They need as much guidance as they can to make good choices so that they can live a long and happy life.

  • Weight

If your Sim is labeled Underweight, there is an increase risk of having low blood pressure. Straight to the point, thy name is Nichole (NOT!)

  • Hydration

A big factor of having low blood pressure is being dehydrated. So make sure your Sim drinks that awesome City Water that may or may not be filtered.

  • Mood

If you Sim goes to their Health CheckUp Dazed or Hysterical, this may also increase the chance of a Low Blood Pressure report. Those two moods relate closely to symptoms of having Low Blood Pressure, thus their inclusion.

Let me know if we left anything out that could really make this subject realistic. It may or may not be included in our next update ;-)

Much Love,


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