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Let's Get Animated (Team Update)!

As we are growing our product/mod offerings, we found the need to expand our team quite a bit to handle all the projects we have in the background. This includes adding another Developer (yet to be named) and an Animator to streamline our mod production process. I'm happy to finally officially announce that thepancake1 cemented his position on this team with his additions to the upcoming Private Practice update and another undisclosed project. You'll see his first offerings in the animations found on the kiosks. To learn more about the upcoming update that will release next week, go here:

You may have seen him around the community helping with other modders or creating his own mods. One of them being the Chemistry System. This mod makes Sims behave differently with other Sims based on personality compatibility, which means no matter how friendly the conversation your Sim is having, if the other Sim doesn't like them, their dialogue and relationship will not positively progress. Right now, thepancake1 is working with MizoreYukii to make a world mod where you are not re-using existing worlds EA provides but creating whole new worlds for you to add. You can follow this development on their Patreon: or his Twitter:


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