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MOD STATUS - 04/26/2022 PC: / Mac:

All our mods are compatible with the 04/26/2022 Patch. We have another Private Practice update that was a little more involved. We need testers to play it out all this week who had the fitness skill error. Please @SimRealist#7640 in #simrealist-mod-support to be a part of the @Community Mod Tester group on Discord. This group will gain access to the Patreon version of R|E and Bills when it goes into Beta as a thank you for taking the time to properly test the Private Practice update.

For everyone, please be sure you have the below mod version before coming to support. Patreon versions available are also listed below.

Please be sure you have the version(s) listed here:


PUBLIC - (03/26/22) - COMPATIBLE


PUBLIC - (04/10/2022) - COMPATIBLE


PUBLIC - (03/26/2022) - COMPATIBLE

PATREON - - 7.0 (04/21/2022)- COMPATIBLE


PUBLIC - (04/25/2022) - COMPATIBLE


PUBLIC - (03/08/2022) - COMPATIBLE

PATREON - - 2.0 (04/23/2022) - NEW RELEASE


PUBLIC - (03/06/2021) - COMPATIBLE


PUBLIC - (04/10/2022) - COMPATIBLE

PATREON - - 2.0 (04/23/2022) - NEW RELEASE


PUBLIC - (03/26/2022) - COMPATIBLE

Mod Support/Assistance

If you are experiencing an issue with an SR mod, please head over to our Discord server channels: #simrealist-mod-support or #patreon-mod-support ( DO NOT PUT SUPPORT QUESTIONS IN THE BELOW COMMENT SECTION! The Comment Section is more for feedback.

To connect a Patreon Account to Discord for support on Patreon versions, please follow these instructions:

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