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MOD STATUS - 12/5/2023 PC: / Mac:

I am providing a quick update to everyone after the team's review of our mods against the 12/5/23 patch. All mods except for HLC and FlowFit are **BROKEN**. As mentioned previously, we may take a little longer to update, but below are our clearing/update priorities. During this time, our Support channels will be locked done until the bulk of our mods are back up and running.

1 - Private Practice (Hoping to resolve by the end of the week)

2 - R|E

3 - SNB - Bills

4 - SNB

5 - SNB - Financial Center

Once all of the above are cleared, we will then turn our attention to Mortem and Organic. All our mods that are being worked on will have their download files removed so no one is accidentally using them while in the latest patch.

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