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MOD STATUS - PATCH 11/30/2021 PC: / Mac:

The 11/30/2021 Patch messed with our saved data system. As a result, we deem ALL of our mods in need of a thorough review and update.

Please DO NOT use our mods if you update to the 11/30 Patch.

Please DO NOT go to our Support or other Support servers for help on our mods until you receive an update.

Please DO NOT comment on a post, Twitter, or drop a Discord message about when the mods will be updated. We are working on them as you read this, and it will all be done as soon as humanly possible, focusing on Quality over Speed.

All download pages will have their mods removed until an update is ready.

Thank you so much for your patience during this time.

Have a great rest of your week!

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