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Mod Update: Private Practice (04/25/22)

We are updating Private Practice once more and this one has been Community Tested on Discord to make sure we resolved it this time. Thanks again for those who tested and for everyone's patience. Now onwards to Mortgage development unless another Patch blows things up again.

AGAIN, this update applies to both Patrons and non-Patrons. Everyone should be on this version going forward until told otherwise.


  • Fixed an error that would sometimes be thrown upon loading regarding a Fitness Skill in Use test;

DOWNLOAD: https://simrealist.itch.io/private-practice-public

(itch downloads are always FREE! There is an option to donate but you are not required! Patrons shouldn't as they donated through the Patreon platform)

Current Patreon downloads can always be found on this pinned post: https://www.patreon.com/posts/quarterly-links-42581452

  • Organic

  • R|E (released yesterday to Visionaries and Directors)

  • SNB - Bills (released yesterday to Visionaries and Directors)


If you are experiencing an issue with an SR mod, please head over to our Discord server channels: #simrealist-mod-support or #patreon-mod-support (https://discord.gg/97hyxrM). DO NOT PUT SUPPORT QUESTIONS IN THE BELOW COMMENT SECTION! The Comment Section is more for feedback.

To connect a Patreon Account to Discord for support on Patreon versions, please follow these instructions: https://support.patreon.com/hc/en-us/articles/212052266-Get-my-Discord-role

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REMINDER: This is mostly for the entire SimRealist Community. Mods in Development will be tested on Patreon as soon as they've had all planned features included. See the last link for Patreon download