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PATCH 12/14/2023 PC: 1.103.315.1020 / Mac: 1.103.315.1220

A small patch that DID NOT affect our recent release/update of Private Practice, SNB, and SNB-Bills came out last week. However, it was noted that SNB-Bills does not play nice with the new For Rent billing experience. We will review this in our For Rent updates coming to R}E in the future.

Today, we are releasing updates to Organic, R|E, and SNB-Financial Center. Please see below for any notes and download links for these mods. This leaves only Mortem to be addressed.



Noted Issue: Body Hair can block hair growth except for the default "Clean Shave" body hair. Applying a hair progression on a sim with permanent dye caused the color to revert to the original color.





Mod Support/Assistance: If you are experiencing an issue with an SR mod, please head over to our Discord server channels: #simrealist-mod-support or #patreon-mod-support ( DO NOT PUT SUPPORT QUESTIONS IN THE BELOW COMMENT SECTION! The Comment Section is more for feedback.

To connect a Patreon Account to Discord for support on Patreon versions, please follow these instructions:

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