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Patch 8/16/18: PC Mac

Private Practice is safe to use with this patch. Please, please, please do still list out any errors that you receive from this mod on our Discord Server - Private Practice channel. I'm noting anything that looks to be a common occurrence that we may need to look at before we release SNB.

I may not be able to resolve your tech issues but it is good to know of anything that the mod might be doing that it shouldn't.

So far, what has been reported:

-Two reports of unable to load games: I have not been able to reproduce the errors reported. We are researching why this could be an issue for someone but ultimately it could be something to do with the use of other heavily scripted mods.

If you have/had similar issues please let us know so that we are aware that this is a widespread issue. Let us know:

-What activity you/ your Sim was doing in game

-What game version are you playing

-Where you got the mod

-Which version of the mod are you using

-How long you've been playing the mod in game before the issue occurred.

-If any Last Exception txt files produced with the error in your Sims 4 folder, drop it in the channel as well.

More information helps us narrow down any issues that need to be addressed.

Thanks so much in advance!


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