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PATCH 9/5/2019 - PC / Mac UPDATES!!

As previously mentioned, Private Practice needed a small update to go with this patch being as the initial career notification stopped working. While working on this issue, we reviewed the Career changing event. This event allowed the Sim to receive a job offer by phone after they achieved >75% in their Performance level at the Chief Resident level. This changeover makes a Chief Resident automatically qualify for the General Practitioner level (7 of the Medical Career) without all the additional grunt work. There's usually a trigger in place to make sure it takes place but also not present with the new patch or not as in your face as we thought. We recoded it a bit to make it more likely to occur if you missed it the first few times. And we still have the ability to manually switch this over without the call by the normal process of changing jobs. Users will see a Level 7 of the Medical Career instead of 1 when they achieve the necessary Performance level to equate such an upgrade.

After further review, we deemed these issues more relating to the Patreon version than the Public version, so the only one that got an update was the Patreon version. The Public version is considered compatible.

If you come across any issues that were not addressed in this update, please notify us in the # simrealist-mod-support Discord channel (

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