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Private Practice 0.6.5

Hello Everyone!

Previously, I post about being located in an area in which Hurricane Florence might hit where I'm located. Well good news is that my area was pretty much spared the super bad stuff. We did get bad storms, flooding and tornadoes (yes there were two instances of them but it just jumped right over us) but altogether we came out OK. Bad news is a good amount of my state didn't fair so well. Many lost pets, family members, homes, businesses, etc by this storm and I ask you to pray for those who still don't have access to food and electricity. And even if you don't believe in something, to just keep them in your thoughts. Such disasters are not new and has affected many throughout the years, but this is the first time I've been able to talk about it in such a forum. I also want to thank those that sent kind words and prayers my way. I greatly appreciate it! It was a pretty scary for a moment there when I was driving and tornado warnings started going off.

But let me get straight to the main reason for this particular post. We released a small update to the Private Practice mod in order to better handle the Vampire situation. We also recently diagnosed an issue of those without the Get to Work pack getting an error when trying to load games. Evidently when we created the Resident career we needed to add something to our code to better navigate the issue of when a user doesn't have that pack installed.

So without further ado, below is the change log for version 0.6.5. The download is available on the Mod's page:

- Vampires are now affected by hydration in the same way as non-vampires. They will now want to drink water or a bar drink occasionally, and doing so will satisfy their desire to drink. Vampires will now be able to be affected by low blood pressure due to dehydration, and they will be able to address it by drinking water or a bar drink.

- The above change also fixes a bug in the unmodded game where vampires could get locked at low hydration and constantly want to make bar drink after bar drink, unable to ever quench their thirst, in an ironic mockery of the vampire condition.

- Low vampire energy in vampires is now a factor for increased risk of high blood pressure.

- Reading online medical journals for the daily task in the medical resident career branch now takes 1 hour to complete, down from 2 hours.

- Will no longer cause errors on load for players without Get To Work installed.

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