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Private Practice - 0.6 (Features and Release Schedule)

Hello Everyone!

I'm listing out the confirmed upcoming features that will be added in version 0.6 of Private Practice. I will also list out some items I would like to cover that might not or most definitely not make it in this update but possibly in a future update. In addition to all of this, I will list out the release schedule for this update here.

I'm sure you are thinking, "Finally!" Me too! ;-)

Private Practice 0.6 - Basic To Do List/ Feature Update:

Nurse Career

This will be a non-active career that your Sim can join. This is in preparation for a Private Practice Medical Clinic that I hope to release in a couple of updates. Your Sim will go through some levels that will require some training, skill acquisition, and exams. There will also be some daily tasks that I hope to include depending on the time it takes to include them. Essentially if you are into storytelling, this career will be the start every Sim will need to go through in order to be successful in a future Private Practice venue.

Resident Career

Same as the Nursing career, but with career branches into the Medical and Veterinarian Disciplines.

My hope is to bring in specialized skills for these careers to assist with the daily work of owning a Private Practice later on. In addition, add in more branches to cover the different specialties of Health Sciences which will then bring in more interactions, objects, situations, venues, etc. as this project grows.

Career Health Check Up Requirement

With this feature addition, I am hoping to change the dynamics of the Athlete, Secret Agent & Detective careers by requiring a Health Report in order to be promoted since health, in theory, and in real life, affects job performance significantly for these types of careers.

Upcoming & Unapproved Slotted Features

-Sick Visits (requires Get To Work)

-Family/Group Appointments (i.e. Mom can take their children for a check-up in addition to herself)

-Appointment system (Depending on how EA has the Calendar system set up in Seasons, I want to include something like this because in real life you need an appointment to go see a doctor unless it is an emergency. But even then, doctors list those as appointments or walk-ins. So essentially you can schedule ahead your next Check Up or other Appointments Types that are coming)

-Set Office Hours

-Exercise Tracking

-Food Tracking

-Flu Shots (we were going to base this on Get To Work but this will most likely be affected by Seasons as well ;-) )

-Sick Days (Career Benefit)

There are more items we want to do, but I've listed what is on our To Dos currently. Somewhere in all that, I would like to start the process of getting our first venue (Medical Clinic) in there. It will most likely take up an entire update, but we shall see. :-) Please remember that these items have not technically been approved, just a extreme possibility. This is just showing you what we have listed to do in our base configuration of this mod.

Release Schedule

Due to the wait on the Season's patch update and expansion, we will be releasing to Patrons faster than normal. It would've been released to all patrons on 6/29, but I wanted to make sure the update is good to go before releasing to so many people. However, everyone else will still get this update three weeks later as per our regular release schedule. That way, if anything weird pops up we can take care of it before the public gets the update and it gives our translators time to submit their strings.

Alpha: 6/29 (Director & Visionary Reward Tiers)

Beta: 7/1 (Beta & Backer Tiers)

Pre-Release: 7/13 (SR QAs)

Public Release: 7/20 (Everyone)

Let me know if you have any further questions about this update here or on our Discord server.

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24 jul 2018

The release schedule shown here was pushed back. Public release doesn't take place until this coming Saturday. Sorry For the confusion:

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Steph Suttie
Steph Suttie
23 jul 2018

What happened? It was never released to the public?

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29 jun 2018


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LaDonna LadyIce Bugg
16 jun 2018


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