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Q2 2021 Updates are now Available!

Today's the day in which EVERYONE will now have the ability to experience new illnesses and a revamped Mortem process!

With Private Practice, our new Developer, Nathan, has stepped in with some additions that he's been working on for a little over a year. These additions include Allergies, Infections, and Additional Viruses all merged into our Health Portal. We've also adjusted the process to include Flu Shots and a self-directed Test

process during a Sick Visit.

To learn more about this update and to download, go here:

The Mortem update makes Funeral Services in-person with no additional Sims 4 packs required! We've also revamped how you handle a Deceased's remains with additional options per the feedback we received on Discord.

To learn more and download, go here:

To download all our mods, you can do so here:

***Please be made aware that translations for these version are limited at to moment since the Linguist had a short time getting this translated. More translated strings will be added over time, so please be patient.***

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