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Q3 - SimRealist Updates

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

Last weekend, we posted the Pre-Release to all that will be loaded on our website on September 28th to all Patrons. You may see some changes being made in the meantime in preparation of this update. Let us know how excited you are for this update in the comments below or on our Discord server!

Want to customize your Sim's Blood Pressure susceptibility or resistance? Well with this update you can now purchase Reward Traits like Immunity to Low/High Blood Pressure!! Or if you prefer to develop a storyline where your Sim battles High Blood Pressure that's also an option. Also included is a sort of Exercise Tracking system that takes into account your Sim's workout habits to help lower High Blood Pressure. Exercising for 30 minutes a day is now needed for a sim to maintain the best chance of healthy blood pressure. Not exercising will give a sim increased risk of high blood pressure.

In the past, a Sim usually receives a phone call that allowed them to switch from a Chief Resident to a General Practitioner. Sometimes, the user would miss this call. With this update, the user will now randomly receive further job offer phone calls to make sure the opportunity doesn't slip by again ;)

This mini-mod will revamp EA’s billing system by splitting out Water & Sewer, Electricity, Trash, and Property Taxes. Each bill creates an adverse effect if not paid; some results can be deadly. You can use this mod without SNB or with SNB, your choice, and can only be used if activated. So if the Household being played doesn’t activate the Household Management Account, they will get their bills like usual.

CAUTION: Please make sure your Sim pays their Property Taxes. The system may not be able to take away their house as of yet, but it can take their life as compensation due to embarrassment.

Exhibit A: Live footage from a Sim who couldn't pay their Property Bills on time.

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