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Q4 2020 Updates are now Available!

We usually drop our Quarterly updates that were developed and tested while on Patreon the past three months on the last weekend of the Quarter's end. Since the last part of this Quarter is filled with holidays, we decided to drop the updates earlier.

This Quarter, we worked on bringing an actual venue to Private Practice like SNB's Financial Center. This venue is merged in to give your Sims a more enhanced Health Checkup experience. Instead of a rabbithole, you can now send your Sim to a Clinic or Health Center and following them along until they get their results. As a result of this change, this mod is no longer just base game compatible. You will need the Get to Work pack to use this update.

***Please be made aware that translations for this version are limited at to moment since the Linguist had a short time getting this translated. More translated strings will be added over time, so please be patient.***

To learn more about this update, check out the new download page:

The Mod Guide has also been updated to reflect these changes:

To download all our mods, go here:

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