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Q4 2021 Updates are now Available!

Happy Saturday Everyone!

We are keeping it all "in-house" with this Quarter's Public Release. 😂 I'm fully aware that most people won't get that really bad joke, so I'll speak plainly. This Quarter's Public Release includes a focus on the home with an update to Home & Land Company to finally include towels and our newest mod R|E, a realistic approach to Real Estate.

HLC's newly included Towel Set will now keep your Sims nice and dry after their shower or bath time. Just be sure you are watching the usage count on the towels! You only have two uses and once done, your Sim's will not be so dry! Your choices are to buy another Set or do laundry! This mod requires Laundry Day in order to fully function.

R|E will take your Sim through a Buy-Sell journey when their abode no longer fits their wants and needs. With the included Real Estate Agent, you will now be able to Tour homes in all the worlds that fit your criteria, negotiate with the Seller for a better purchase price, go through closing, and move your Sim into their new home in a more dynamic and realistic process. Just be careful which Agent you pick! A successful purchase is much more guaranteed with an Agent that has great reviews.

To learn more about these two mods, see the links below! I'm sure some of you already have the download since I had it set to release at Midnight my time, and if so, you don't need to redownload.

Download Options

Home and Land Company


All-in-One Download

***Please be aware that translations for these versions are limited at to moment since the Linguist had a short time getting this translated. More translated strings will be added over time, so please be patient.***

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