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Quarterly Release Re:Cap - June 2022

***REMINDER: This is mostly for the entire SimRealist Community. Mods in Development will be tested on Patreon as soon as they've had all planned features included. See the last link for Patreon download links.***


Organic (DOWNLOAD -

  • Added At-Home Haircut/Dye animations by @thepancake1;

  • Improved the Hair Progression Preview screen;

    • Hair Progression now shows with the selected Sim's current hair color.

  • Fixed a bug where clone Sims could appear in the Manage Households and/or Family Tree menus;

  • Fixed a bug where sometimes custom hair progressions wouldn't properly update when getting a haircut;

  • Fixed a bug where sometimes the system wouldn't properly load a Sim's new haircut.

LANGUAGES INCLUDED: > Traditional Chinese > Czech > German > Italian > Polish > Russian > Spanish


  • Added Multiple Properties;

    • You can now own as many properties as you'd like;

    • With SNB Bills, you will have to pay property taxes for each property you own.

  • Added Manage Properties interaction;

    • Manage each property separately;

    • With SNB Bills, you can now setup different Home Services for each property you own;

    • Set any property as your Main Home;

    • Visit or sell any of your owned properties at any time.

  • Added Split Household option;

    • During the Closing Process, you can now select Sims to split from the household and move into the new home.

  • Added Exchange Properties option;

    • During the Closing Process, you can now select any owned properties to cover for the Cost of Home.

  • Added helpful tooltips on dialogs where contextual information is given on mouse hover;

  • Added a new backend data saving system;

    • Data is now being saved in a stranded Sim Relationship Node instead of a Household;

    • If the reset problem was household culling, this will put an end to it.

  • Improved Closing Process;

    • You no longer need to Request an Appraisal to finish the Closing Process.

  • Improved Negotiation Battles;

    • Realtor Dialogs now take significantly less time to go through;

    • Reworked sound design for more fast-paced battles;

    • Reworked Round Start and Final Offer screens for a more clear and concise look;

    • Information such as Offer History and Realtor Profile are now showcased via tooltips.

  • Improved Home Tours;

    • The Realtor will now say specific information about the lot while showcasing it.

  • Improved R|E Phone Panel;

    • The R|E Phone Panel and most interactions in it can now be performed from Apartments and even Community Lots.

  • Improved Realtor Appointments;

    • Sims can now Sell Real Estate during the Realtor Appointments.

  • Improved House Listings;

    • Listings can now be filtered by occupancy categories (Occupied, Unoccupied, or Empty Lot);

    • Notifications to Check House Listings now have a button shortcut that takes you directly to the menu.

  • Fixed a bug where animals could become Sellers during the Negotiation Battle event;

  • Fixed a bug where sometimes Sims would not show up during the Negotiation Battle event;

LANGUAGES INCLUDED: > Dutch > German > Polish > Russian


  • Added support to Multiple Properties;

    • Home Services and Property Taxes are now handled individually for every single residence you own.

  • Improved Pay Utility Bills menu;

    • Pay Everything is now on top of all the other options.

  • Fixed a bug where sometimes the Home Services wouldn't be applied upon loading a home lot;

  • Fixed a bug where some strings were missing for certain languages.


You can download all of our Public Mod Versions in one location now at


Other Info & Links

To apply to be a Linguist you can learn about doing that here:

To apply to be a Mod Support Team Member you can learn about doing that here:

Patreon Mods in Testing - Download Links:

Mod Support/Assistance

If you are experiencing an issue with an SR mod, please head over to our Discord server channels: #simrealist-mod-support or #patreon-mod-support ( DO NOT PUT SUPPORT QUESTIONS IN THE BELOW COMMENT SECTION! The Comment Section is more for feedback.

To connect a Patreon Account to Discord for support on Patreon versions, please follow these instructions:

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