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Quarterly Release Re:Cap - March 2022

***REMINDER: This is mostly for the entire SimRealist Community. Mods in Development will be tested on Patreon as soon as they've had all planned features included. See the last link for Patreon download links.***

Monthly PUBLIC String & Code Updates

- Fixed a bug where stacked towels wouldn't be properly used;

- Fixed a bug where quitting to the Main Menu without saving would still leave in cached mod data;

- Fixed a bug where a silent error would be thrown upon loading a lot in Build Mode from the map;

- Fixed a bug where mod data would reset when playing in the same save for too long.

- Updated Polish String

Mortem (DOWNLOAD -

- Added Annual Thank You 2022;

- Added Mortem Plaque object;

> > Sims can now invest in shares of the Mortem Funeral Home using the Mortem Plaque;

> > The object can be found in the Build/Buy Community category.

- Fixed a bug where an exception would be thrown upon trying to bury foxes or pets;

> > Foxes and pets are now greyed out on the Bury picker menu.

- Fixed a bug where the Medical Examiner wouldn't show up after being called;

> > The Medical Examiner will now appear immediately after being called.

- Fixed a bug where the Medical Examiner would just stand still on high simulation lag situations;

- Fixed a bug where multiple Medical Examiners could spawn in a single save;

- Fixed a bug where in some instances Medical Examiners would charge fines inappropriately;

- Fixed a bug where an unskippable error message could appear upon starting a Condolences Visit;

- Fixed a bug where the Sim label wouldn't show up on the casket during the Eulogy interaction;

- Fixed a bug where a silent error would be thrown upon loading a lot in Build Mode from the map;

- Fixed a bug where Mortem would show on unrelated Last Exception reports with "Confidence: 30%."

Organic (DOWNLOAD -

- Update Polish String

Private Practice (DOWNLOAD -

- Added an option to Send Alone Sims to Clinic Appointments, so they can act as rabbit holes;

- Added an option to Cancel Scheduled Appointment last minute for when your Sim is doing something you don't want to interrupt;

- Added brand new Medicine Cabinets and Pillboxes;

> > Medicine Cabinets can store unlimited medication, while Pillboxes can store a limited amount of medication depending on its size;

> > Pillboxes can be labeled and carried around. They provide an easy way to categorize and organize medication on your Sim's inventory;

> > Base game Medicine Cabinets can now also store medicine.

- Added the ability to Purchase Private Practice Medication through the computer, or through our new Medicine Cabinets and Pillboxes;

• Added Lifespan Adjustment warning notifications for Overweight, Underweight, High Blood Pressure, and Low Blood Pressure symptoms;

- Added Auto Dose;

> > Sims will now autonomously take Blood Pressure and Allergy medicine when needed.

- Added Basic Health Insurance;

> > If at least one Sim with a full-time career lives within a Household, all family members and the Sim will be able to go for a Checkup for FREE, and a Sick Visit will be reduced by 80%.

- Added Free Healthcare cheat;

> > By using testingcheats true and Shift + Clicking your Sim, you can now enable Free Healthcare for the household under the Private Practice category.

- Added Super Immunity cheat that protects a given Sim from all Private Practice custom illnesses;

> > By using testingcheats true and Shift + Clicking your Sim, you can now enable Super Immunity for the Sim under the Private Practice category.

- Added in-game support information for when the Clinic's Lot Type is set to Residential rather than Generic;

- Added in-game support information for when Check In or Check Out interactions are unavailable due to the state of the appointment event;

- Improved Medical Staff NPCs;

> > Medical Staff NPCs will no longer be overly distracted by computers;

> > Medical Staff NPCs will no longer be chatting with each other all the time;

> > Medical Staff NPCs will now be more responsive when Patients need them.

- Improved Treadmill Test and X-Ray Scan interactions;

> > Patients will now directly approach an available Nurse Practitioner to start these interactions;

> > The interaction now starts immediately with no wait time.

- Improved Wait for Results interaction;

> > The interaction now has a minimal wait time;

> > Physician's Assistants will now deliver the results instead of the Nurse Practitioners.

- Improved existing Clinic objects;

> > All custom Clinic objects have been reworked from scratch resulting in a more appealing look and a much more optimized model.

- Improved Stay Home from School;

> > Stay Home From School now only checks for age, allowing for supporting custom schools like those in Education Overhaul.

- Improved overall sickness immunity;

> > Vampires now have 100% immunity to illnesses;

> > Cases of Strep Throat now have a chance of triggering a short (4 Days, 75%) or long (2 Weeks, 90%) period of immunity based on age;

> > Sims who have had a tonsillectomy through HCR will now have complete immunity to strep infections;

> > Further support for custom allergy medications to prevent PP allergy symptoms from triggering if they have those buffs.

- Improved Appointment Scheduling;

> > When a minor/child Sim is a patient and needs a Caregiver/Parent to go with, the Caregiver/Parent once chosen as a patient now satisfies that requirement.

- Fixed some other minor bugs and issues.

- Languages included:

> > Traditional Chinese

> > Italian

> > Polish

> > Russian

SNB - Financial Center (DOWNLOAD -

- Added Annual Thank You 2022

You can download all of our Public Mod Versions in one location now at


Other Info & Links

To apply to be a Linguist you can learn about doing that here:

To apply to be a Mod Support Team Member you can learn about doing that here:

Patreon Mods in Testing - Download Links:

Mod Support/Assistance

If you are experiencing an issue with an SR mod, please head over to our Discord server channels: #simrealist-mod-support or #patreon-mod-support ( DO NOT PUT SUPPORT QUESTIONS IN THE BELOW COMMENT SECTION! The Comment Section is more for feedback.

To connect a Patreon Account to Discord for support on Patreon versions, please follow these instructions:

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