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SimRealist just got an Mini Makeover!

We’ve had so much happen this month. First, we updated the website. How do you like it? It’s easier to navigate, and you can tell how far away we are from releasing the mod to the public. This also allows you to see the updates to the mods you love on the mod's page with minimal effort. Speaking of mods, we have some changes coming to the public release as well. We’ve been releasing sneak peeks through the newsletter so if you haven’t seen it check that out now.

As far as the newsletter goes, we are revamping the way you see it. First, we think it would be more efficient to email it to you so you can read it at your leisure versus coming to the website to see what's new. If you haven’t already added your email to the email list, click the "Sign Up" button up top (this will change soon!). We’ll send you at most 4 emails a month. Basically, the monthly newsletter and when there are updates to our mods is what you'll be getting.

Let us know what you think of the new logo as well. Your feedback is essential in helping the SimRealist brand grow.

-The SimRealist Team

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