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SimRealist & Patch 04/07/2020 - PC: / Mac:


ALL OUR MODS CAN BE FOUND HERE: https://simrealist.itch.io/


  • (03/27/2020) - COMPATIBLE with previously known bugs


My "Report a Death" isn't showing in my Sim's Household Cellphone menu, what do I do? Try the cheat mt.me.refresh to restart the service. Wait a moment and try again.

It has been 4 days and I haven't received the ME called nor do I have the Call Funeral Home option in the Cellphone Household menu. We are aware of this bug and currently looking into resolving it. In the meantime, to bypass this error please use cheat: mt.funeraldecision to continue the Mortem process. DO NOT exit without saving to just do it all over again. This will mess with the Mortem process.

I forgot to do the "Call to Funeral" interaction with my Executor Sim and now I don't have my Sim's deceased loved one to mourn. What do I do? Use the cheat mt.runfuneral to receive your dead.


  • (02/01/2020) - COMPATIBLE

  • (03/28/2020) - COMPATIBLE with previously known bugs


  • (03/28/2020) - COMPATIBLE


  • (02/01/2020) - COMPATIBLE


  • (03/29/2020) - COMPATIBLE

IF YOU HAVE MCCC BEFORE INSTALLING BILLS OR CHILD SUPPORT PAYMENTS WERE PAID OR COMING SOON: Every time I open the Bills App My Sim is getting tons of Simoleons OR I'm not getting a Bill at all. What do I do?

-Default your MCCC money settings

-Complete the Bills uninstall process for that save by using the cheat snbb.uninstall

-Save and Exit

-Reload up that save re-setup your MCCC money settings and Bill services. You should be fine after that.

-You can test that it is working by doing a cheat called snbb.forcebillsdue

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