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SimRealist & Patch 11/25/2019 PC: / Mac:

Patch Status SNB: Compatible - Version updated 11/13/2019 ( - Click Here to download:

SNB - Bills: Compatible (Public and Patreon) 

Private Practice: Compatible with issues that we plan to address - Version updated 11/19/2019 ( - Click Here to download:

  • The 'Browse Simpedia' daily task for health sciences students DOES NOT COMPLETE but your Sim can still progress to the next level just fine.

  • The 'Read Medical Journals' interaction is available to Medical Resident sims on computers that are locked.

Organic: Compatible  with a minor issue

  • Your Sim will be unable to Touch-Up hair with a Custom Content Mirror

When updating, please remove all related mod files (including any Data package files) and put a new set from the below download link. Please be sure you delete your localthumbcache before starting your game back up.   

If you should have any issues, please post them in our Discord channel #simrealist-mod-support (  

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