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SimRealist Q4 2019 Updates

The day has finally come to release all our updates outside of Patreon that we developed the past few months. If you haven't followed what was in testing or our sneak peeks on the Monthly Re: Cap, please see below for a summary of changes that have taken place. If you know all the updates and want to get straight to playing, please also see below for download links. I should note that Organics now has a place on our main website with a full description and the start of a Mod Guide.

SNB ( & Private Practice (

These two mods had a minor update that includes a welcome message showing up on each new save you play. This message will also list out Patrons who've supported our mods for over a year (as of October 2019). Without them and others who continue to support our work, these mods wouldn't have made it to where they are today, and we would like to acknowledge them appropriately. We plan on doing something similar to this each year, honoring Patrons committed to the growth of SimRealist.

SNB - Bills (

The updated mod page gives a full breakdown of all that we added to this mod, but mainly we've added in three new bills (cable, internet, and cell phone) and changed the user experience to make better the process.

Organic - Hair (

This mod is our first edition of a system that pushes a growth progression on your Sim's Hair. It does work with appropriately tagged cc hair that contains a texture, color, and length, but we plan on customizing this down in our next update. Right now, this release will add spice to your game by "growing" your Sim's hair from one length to another and giving your Sim some minor maintenance/styling options of getting a haircut or getting their hair dyed.

Please be sure you are on this version of each mod, or we will not be able to assist you in support.

Happy Simming!


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