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Good Evening (or Morning for those who are hours ahead of me ;-) )

As promised (repeatedly) below is an overview and release schedule of the upcoming Public Release! Can I get some excitement about the fact that we now have TWO big mods on deck?!!


Sims can now open a bank account with Sim National Bank. With this, Sims can keep track of money that belongs to them, separate from the household funds. 

By arranging their career to deposit their earnings directly into their bank account, you can know exactly how much they’ve earned. 

The money they own can go with them when they move out to a new home, and even stay with them when they are uploaded to the gallery and downloaded to another player’s game, as long as that player also has this mod installed.


Some potential features we are making plans for that further development might add are:

● Sending money to other sims.

● Automatically charging build mode and live mode purchases to a sim’s bank account.

● Standing orders to regularly transfer money to or from another sim

● Multiple bank accounts

● Earning interest

● and MORE!!!!



September 21st: Alpha - Patreon Visionaries (!!!NOW AVAILABLE!!!)

September 28th: Beta - Patreon Beta-Testers

October 5th: Pre-Release - QA Specialists

October 12th: !!!PUBLIC RELEASE!!!

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