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SNB 2.0.0 Release Poll Results!

Hello Everyone!

So it would seem that not as many of you as I thought participated in this poll. With that being said, those that did vote, voted to push back the public release date to after the November patch to give us time to make sure the mod is functional for the new upgrade and clear out an error that we recently came across through the help of our Patrons.

Moreover, if you were able to read the poll post, I mentioned that we would fast-track the testing period on Patreon to Public with the update because of the delay. So sorry if you were looking forward to an awesome time this weekend dissecting this mod with your great storytelling skills, but this ensures you don't have to wait again for something that you just started to like having back in-game. As always we try to keep our mods at the utmost quality so that we don't, in turn, break your game or make it error out unnecessarily.

I will be following up with all of you that do have SNB and/or Private Practice installed to make sure your Sim Data gets saved before Modageddon (November Patch). After the Patch and we've released the Test candidate for SNB back to Patreon, I will update you with another release schedule and post about what we plan to do with the rest of the year.

Thanks in advance for your patience!

Much Love, Nichole

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