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SNB 2.0: For those who have Vision and Class

Hello Everyone!

I know everyone is super excited about SNB 2.0's reemergence, but if you haven't heard (if you are not a patron) it has been bumped back a bit due to scheduling. The public (FREE) release date will now happen in October. Patrons will have access to the mod sometime in September (tentative) so that they can test it out and comment on it. An official release schedule will be posted as soon as the Alpha version is delivered to the Visionary Patreon Tier.

However, in the meantime I'm posting a summary of the SNB polls that took place last month for upcoming features and requests. If you like how these are prioritized, thank the Visionary tier for taking the time to vote! I should note that these are suggestions from our Patrons and we will try to follow the listed sequences but if one feature needs to be done first in order for something higher on the priority list to work out, it will be done first and I will explain why. Like for instance, Mortgages require a sort of Credit to be established. In real life, one of the factors that influence whether you get a loan or how much of a loan you get is your Credit History. Whether you pay your credit accounts on time, don't have a bunch of high balances revolving, no or easily explained negative marks and a sort of proof of the amount of debt (with the addition of the new debt you are applying for) you have out there in relation to your total income. These factors greatly influence your risk to any bank you apply for a mortgage. So having Credit Card Accounts before Mortgages seems logical. Especially if it is decided upon that having a Credit Score in game is something Patrons want.

And now for the final voted Feature, Product and Service Line-up:

SNB 1.0's Feature List Sequence for 2.0 per Poll:

  1. Direct Deposit

  2. Automatic Transfer

  3. Transaction Designation

  4. SimoleonGram

SNB's Most Requested Account Type Poll:

  1. Mortgages

  2. Retirement Accounts

  3. Credit Card Accounts

  4. Savings Acconts

SNB: To Budget or Not Budget? (creating a budget system or ability to track income and expense)

Result: Yes!!! Totally Add That In!!!!

Upcoming Visionary Polls: Loan Risk Factors, Non-Basic Accounts and All about that Paper Mula.


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