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So what's up with the Blog Nichole?

You might be wondering why we suddenly have a blog when we also post announcements on Patreon, Twitter, and Discord. Well, this is not going to be another avenue in which to post announcements. It is going to be a place in which to get a closer look at the Mod Development Process, What's in the Mod, Tips and Tricks and more!

This Blog is going to be truly for EVERYONE, patrons and non-patrons alike. I don't want Patreon to divide everyone or make anyone think that they have to be a Patron in order to see the inner workings of SimRealist. I'm not going to deny that in order for the SimRealist Mod Project to work, we do need funding because I'm paying out of pocket to get these mods developed and I need help with that. However, this Project is and will always be community driven. So to keep the conversation going with all, I've added a blog to the site to keep in contact with the ENTIRE SimRealist Community. You can still check out or follow (FOR FREE) Patreon posts that are open to the public. My goal is to submit sneak peeks to Patrons first and then after an x amount of days, release it to the public so everyone can get a looksie.

If you like or don't like the idea of having a Blog, please let me know by liking this post or commenting! I take into consideration all comments and suggestions if they make sense for what we are trying to achieve here. Like for instance, the idea of creating a blog was suggested by Simmer Seth Cano (Discord: sethcano2003/ Twitter: @sethcano2003). So if you really like this blog, give him a big thank you.

Much Love,


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