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String Updates

We added quite a few Linguists to our ranks recently, and some of them are for languages we were missing. I've added the below languages to our Public downloads. This will be the last String update because we are preparing for our December release of a new mod and some updates next. As many of you know, there will be a patch coming on the 12th of this month, or Tuesday. There's a good chance that all of our mods will need updates. There's no for sure thing on our side of what will specifically break, but please be prepared to either not have your game auto-update or play without mods/cc in a New Game. If an update is needed, we will let you know. If a mod is compatible as is, we will let you know. We asked that you be patient with us as we check our mods for you.


Czech and Polish strings added

SNB - Bills:

Czech, Danish, and Polish strings added

Private Practice (

Czech, Danish, Polish, and Portuguese strings added

All Public downloads are available here:

(Be mindful of the Patreon options as the files will not be available until late December.)

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