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Team Update!!!

We've steadily added in new Linguists to the point in which we have only four languages needing Linguists. While this was happening, I've been looking around for another Mod Developer to join and assist us in producing more content for everyone and I'm pleased to announce that I've found one!

Please make welcome our latest addition, Victor Andrade.

An indie game developer from Brazil who has a couple of mods for The Sims 3 & 4 under his belt, I could tell that he puts a lot of thought into his additions. This was evident while playing his Direct Controls Sims 4 mod and also while working with him on his first SimRealist project. I've always celebrated quality over quantity, and Victor shows the ability to do both. Please do check out his work at You can also follow him on Twitter ( and patron/follow him on Patreon (

Today I will be posting the first half of his initial SimRealist project on Patreon for testing ( This addition will eventually be a part of SNB once integrated with our SNB accounts but right now it is a standalone mod that can be used with or without SNB. A basic sum-up of this add-on allows Simmers to breakdown their Sim's bill to pay all at once or individually. It also makes Simmers aware of what is costing their Sims the most. More is planned for this addition, and we hope to include most of it in our Quarterly Update in September! A sneak peek of this addition has been released to Patreon on Friday ( and will be in next month's Realist Re:Cap.


Mod Producer & Founder | SimRealist

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