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Upcoming Private Practice and SNB update

Last week we released a small update to the Private Practice 0.6 in relation to Vampire Sims. Please see below for the changelog of the upcoming public release that will take place on September 21st.

 0.6.5 Changelog (The Vampire Update):

  • Vampires are now affected by hydration in the same way as non-vampires. They will now want to drink water or a bar drink occasionally, and doing so will satisfy their desire to drink. Vampires will now be able to be affected by low blood pressure due to dehydration, and they will be able to address it by drinking water or a bar drink. 

  • The above change also fixes a bug in the un-modded game where vampires could get locked at low hydration and constantly want to make bar drink after bar drink, unable to ever quench their thirst, in an ironic mockery of the vampire condition. 

  • Low vampire energy in vampires is now a factor for increased risk of high blood pressure. 

  • Reading online medical journals for the daily task in the medical resident career branch now takes 1 hour to complete, down from 2 hours. (So you can at least get a small breather when you are at the Resident level LOL)

In regards to SNB, due to scheduling with our Mod Developer we had to push the Alpha release to around September 21st (which means a Public version will not be available until October). Below is a list of what we would like to accomplish with this release. I will request sneak peeks as well (hopefully weekly) of what has been accomplished and post them on Patreon. Truly sorry for the delay! I was so excited to bring this back to you this month but things can come up.

SNB 2.0 Slotted Feature List:

  • SNB Checking Account

  • Transferring between SNB Account and Household Account

  • Direct Deposit (the ability to set up auto deposits of paychecks to a Sim's SNB Account) and/or SimoleonGram (the ability to send money between Sims)

Right now Visionary Patrons can vote on the last SimRealist updates or which mods/features are developed for the rest of the year. They have the option to choose two in case I can fit in two before December. Those options are another update to Private Practice, another update to SNB, 1st version of Organic Beauty (upcoming post on what this is) and/or 1st version of R|E (upcoming post on what this is as well). Right now the leading vote is another update for SNB and right behind that another update for Private Practice. So it doesn't looks like any new mods will happen this year. However, this poll lasts until the 21st so anything can happen ;-) I will do another post on our final MIP listing after that to keep everyone aware of what's coming and what has been shelved.

Much Love,


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